Matka Canyon – the Best Outdoor Getaway from Skopje

Matka Canyon, Macedonia

Skopje isn’t exactly the greenest European capital, but it certainly does offer some great day trips that are both accessible and affordable.  And Matka Canyon is the most beautiful among them, if you ask me. The picturesque gorge is not only a truly splendid outdoor destination, it’s also home to several medieval monasteries. And everything … Continue reading “Matka Canyon – the Best Outdoor Getaway from Skopje”

21 pictures to end 2017 (and tell it to finally go away)

I wish I could say 2017 was a good year. The thing is it really wasn’t, and I won’t lie about it. It was an important one though, that’s for sure.   Long story short I went through a lot of difficult personal issues, I worked 12 hours a day in the first half of … Continue reading “21 pictures to end 2017 (and tell it to finally go away)”

The Oddities of Skopje


  I’ve heard many referring to the Macedonian capital as “the quirkiest European city”. That’s one way to put it.       Honestly, I’d rather say the city is just an urban weirdo. And don’t take it as an insult. Actually I really enjoyed my time in the place. I can’t imagine living there, … Continue reading “The Oddities of Skopje”

Throwback to Bucharest

I visited Bucharest 5 years ago next week, escaping a dark December for a slightly sunnier, milder one. I was curious, totally unprepared, and truly heartbroken. The trip was actually supposed to be a couple getaway, but it, well. You know, someone had other plans. I was even hesitating if I should go. I’m very … Continue reading “Throwback to Bucharest”

Perast – Pearl on the Bay of Kotor

Our lady on the Rocks, Perast

  Perast is probably the easiest and the most budget-friendly day trip from Kotor. Easily accessible by public transport, picturesque old town is just 15 kilometers away from the historic part of Kotor. Why should you go?       Because it’s too pretty not to visit, that’s about it. And who doesn’t like a … Continue reading “Perast – Pearl on the Bay of Kotor”

Colors of Cyprus

Colors of Cyprus

  It’s almost November, the cruelest month. And I’m somewhere in the middle of an unbelievably long translation marathon. Long story short, I don’t really have any capacity to create any unique and share-worthy content here.       But since it’s almost November (and you know what I think of November), I’m leaving you … Continue reading “Colors of Cyprus”

Kyiv, 10 Years Later

Kyiv, Ukraine

  Kyiv was where all of it started. Back in 2007, a 19-year old me hopped on a sleeper train from Warsaw to Kyiv to take part in a workcamp in a nearby town of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. To be honest, I was a bit scared, because I thought I was going to the wild wild East. … Continue reading “Kyiv, 10 Years Later”

We need to talk about Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

I’ve first heard of Chernivtsi because of Paul Celan, so I’ve always imagined it as a city of poetry and diversity. I wanted to go there really badly since I’ve seen a few pictures of it. I’m notorious of unconditional love towards Austro-Hungarian cities, so I bet no one is surprised.     I’m not … Continue reading “We need to talk about Chernivtsi”