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Jardim de Santos
Lisbon definitely has a vibrant hostel scene. Better for us – the hostels have to compete hard to catch our eye. They have to play it better than everyone else. After a brief research, I decided I should give Jardim de Santos Hostel a shot. I spent four nights there and never looked back. Since the very first night I’ve known I’d recommend this place to anyone without blinking an eye.
As you might guess, I stayed at many hostels during my travels. I always stay at hostels. I never thought I might still fall in love with one. Or even let one surprise me. Well, then I went to Lisbon, and stayed at a place that checked all the boxes.
Jardim de Santos Hostel is located just several minutes walk from Cais do Sodre bus and train station. A calm, relaxed neighbourhood by the Tagus river is situated in a walking distance from Lisbon’s most famous districts such as Alfama or Baixa. What more would you need? Public transportation? You have tram stop, bus stop, and a metro station just five minutes from your doorstep.
Inside the hostel
The hostel is hidden inside an old building that certainly remembers Lisbon’s greater and more festive days. The rooms are spacious are tastefully decorated. You can choose between a double room, a twin room, and dorms of different size. All of them are furnished with comfy bunk beds and personal lockers, where you can lock up all your valuables and treasures. Thanks to enormous windows the rooms are really bright.
Besides, the hostel has a nicely designed living room where you can use computers, watch TV, read or just hangout. It’s a perfect place to work. I’ve translated a pile of files in there. Trust me on that one. The internet is really smooth, which is a crucial thing for me as a freelancer. I had many dark moments when traveling, simply because of the shady internet making me unable to communicate with my clients. Good news is that this certainly won’t happen to you in Jardim de Santos.
Last but not least, there is a fully equipped kitchen, where you can cook anytime you get hungry and get your complimentary breakfast in the mornings. I was actually surprised by how rich the breakfast was. Most of the hostels I stayed at would give you a packed croissant and a terrible instant coffee. Or perhaps they wouldn’t give you anything. Jardim de Santos will feed you with cereals and sandwiches. There is unlimited tasty coffee, a real non instant one, and three different types of tea accessible 24/7.

A kitchen has a balcony aka a place for smokers, so don’t worry if you are one. No need to climb the stairs up and down to have a cigarette.

Don’t worry about bed sheets or towels either. You can be sure everything will be neat and clean. Long story short, this is what I call a space like home.
The Design
One of the founders of the place is a designer. A visitor actually feels it at the first sight. The hostel is furnished and decorated with an exceptionally good taste, which truly suits the stylish, old interior. The hostel used to host art exhibitions in the past and, as one of the team members told me, it’s open to host similar events in the future if only the opportunity arises. A person with an eye for detail will certainly be pleased with the way the things in the hostel are arranged. Here are some photos to give you a picture.
The Staff
I’ve spent four nights in the hostel, so I had a chance to meet most of the staff, if not everyone. I’m thankful to each and every team member, and happy to say that Jardim de Santos people were extremely helpful. I never remember directions to anywhere and I’d like to publicly thank all of you guys for repeating them dozen times. I only got seriously lost once. It’d probably happen more without your assistance. OK, let’s stop kidding. The reception is open 24/7, so even a very late check in is fine. The staff is always smiling and ready to help you to organize your time the best way possible. Thanks to their efforts, the hostel feels like home. You guys, you make Lisbon a friendlier, better place for visitors!
I visited Lisbon during a very calm period. It’s already very sunny, warm and pleasant, but the season hasn’t really kicked off yet. What does it mean for a hostel? Many bunks were empty, still waiting for the travelers to come. I kind of loved that, because I had more space for myself, but there is one thing that comes when the summer season arrives. Activities! The hostel organizes culinary nights, excursions to exhibitions and cultural events. I haven’t had an opportunity to try it out myself, but it sounds like fun to me and it might be one more reason to try out this hostel, not all the other ones.
Jardim de Santos Hostel feels like home. I know that if I ever need to crash somewhere in Lisbon for a night or two, I will come back. And I don’t say that too often.
For more information check out the hostel’s website, and perhaps give them a like on Facebook.
Jardim de Santos Hostel generously offered my mom and me a free stay. As always, all opinions are my very own.

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