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Jajce, BiH
When I was planning a trip to Bosnia, I knew I will stay in Sarajevo and Mostar, just because these were the only Bosnian cities I’ve heard of. Okay, not exactly, because I studied Slavic Studies. I could recite history of the Balkans when I was young, believe me or not.
Sadly, these times are long gone. I was wise enough not to make too many plans for my time in Bosnia and to leave space and time for accidental discoveries. I had many of them in BiH. Charming little towns of Herzegovina, Travnik, Pyramids of Visoko…but the most beautiful surprise of my Bosnian adventure was the royal town of Jajce.
Jajce, BiH
While wandering around Sarajevo, I met a guy from Texas who was spending several weeks traveling in the Balkans. I don’t remember his name, so I can’t thank him publicly, but I would probably never get to visit Jajce if he hadn’t tell me I should. Yes, I’ve followed a piece of advice from someone whom you I only knew for ten minutes, and the only conversation we ever had was the one about Josip Broz Tito.
Jajce, BiH
So, I decided to spend two days in Jajce, because one Texan told me it was pretty, it was on the way to Zagreb, where I needed to get next, and, last but not least, it looked nice on Google Images. It was the best decision of my Bosnian trip.
Jajce, BiH
Jajce is a small town, but it’s worth your time. You totally should spend a night there to explore everything the city has to offer. And don’t even try to leave without walking five kilometers to see the wooden watermills and the Pliva Lakes. Climb up to the fortress. Enjoy the waterfall. Yeah, they have a waterfall in the center of  Jajce. What else do you need?
Jajce, BiH
I know, you need a place to stay. Tiny towns usually aren’t rich in hostels, because they are only considered a day trip option. No worries, Jajce actually has a youth hostel. It was my home for two days and I’m happy to recommend it to everyone.
It’s the only budget hostel in town, but, fortunately for its visitors, it’s also a good one. Here’s why.
The Location
Jajce Youth Hostel is located in downtown, right off the historical Old Town. It’s also on the way to the Pliva Lakes and the watermills. All the attractions are accessible. There is a restaurant next door, you won’t have a problem with finding a shop, bus station is only ten minutes away. Long story short, it’s located just where you need it to be.
Inside the Hostel
Jajce, BiH
The hostel is fairly big, it has places for 66 travelers in 15 rooms. It offers 11 private rooms (some with private bathrooms) and 4 mixed dorms (from 4 to 10 beds). I’m sure it never feels too crowded though, even if it’s full. The building is spacious enough, the rooms are enormous, and you will surely get enough of your private space. The rooms are simple, but very tidy and clean. There is also a garage for motorbikes for travelers with their own vehicles. At the ground floor you will find a colorful common room, where you can socialize with other travelers, and a fully equipped kitchen. If you are lazy to cook, there is a restaurant in the same building, where you can get an affordable breakfast for around 2,50 euro. Wifi is available in the whole building and it’s smooth. Bikes for rent are available at rather bargain rates. Biking might be a nice way to explore the area, especially if you are going to spend some time around the lakes.
Jajce, BiH
Jajce, BiH
In summer the hostel runs a campsite as well, so if you feel like camping in Bosnia, this might be an option for you. The campground has all sanitary facilities and it’s located in a very picturesque place by the Pliva River.
The Staff
Jajce Youth Hostel has the friendliest staff on the planet. I know what I’m saying; I’m a frequent hostel guest. During my time in Jajce I felt like I was staying in someone’s house. I’d like to thank the hostel team for all the hospitality, kindness, tips, and quality time that we spent together, especially for the introduction to Jajce’s nightlife (yes, this does exist).
I’m sure you can always count on the staff if you need anything during your time in Jajce. Say hi from me if you visit.
Also, it only takes a minute to notice that Jajce Youth Hostel is a great value for money. You can get a private room for only 10 euros and a dorm bed for 8 euros.
Jajce, BiH
Some tiny towns are better prepared for big tourism than you expected. So, when are you going to Jajce?
Visit Jajce Youth Hostel’s multilingual website and follow them on Facebook.
I’ve partnered with Jajce Youth Hostel on my trip to Jajce. As always, all the opinions are my own.

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