Yazd – the Prettiest Mud City

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I knew Yazd will be my absolute Iranian favorite before I even got to the country. It’s pretty simple, I just have a thing for mud cities in the desert. Nothing could go wrong here, especially with Yazd’s hippie, laid-back vibe, so different from other Iranian cities.




I love Yazd for its atmosphere. It will probably never cease to amaze me how picture-perfect this place actually is. I mean, you don’t even need an itinerary there; it’s enough to get lost in the narrow streets of tiny mudbrick houses that just look like they stood there since the very beginning of the world. If you are just a little like me, you can’t help by wander. I think I actually spent one full day just walking around.

I know some of you would want me to talk a little about landmarks though. Let me just tell you one thing – don’t leave the place without visiting the Tower of Silence, a circular structure built by Zoroastrians for the purpose of excarnation. While it might sound morbid, the place is truly special.

I spent three nights in town, but I know I could basically sit there for a month sipping tea on the roof of my hostel. By the way, my Yazd home, Orient Hotel, was the best budget-friendly place I stayed at in Iran. It has been a little of a hit and miss game, so I was relieved to finally be in a place where I felt home. This means a lot when you are traveling in a country where you are constantly out of your comfort zone. OK, enough of this shameless ad.

I won’t talk longer as I have a ton of images to share. Go to Yazd, guys. And take a look at my pictures before you head out!

Have you been to Iran? Would you like to go?

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