Why Armenia? (VII)

On the Way to Lake Sevan
Everyone who follows this blog knows that I currently live in Armenia. Everyone knows that I blog not only to document my travels and share hundreds of my pictures with you. One of the reasons why I keep blogging is to promote traveling in Armenia and South Caucasus.
I know many bloggers that visited Armenia. I even met some of them during their travels and I follow their sites daily. One day I decided to ask them to help me encourage people to travel to Armenia.
Every Monday from now on, I will be featuring travelers and bloggers that have visited Armenia. Every author will share three reasons to visit the country along with some great pictures taken by him/her while in Armenia.

Today I’m happy to present you Lena from The Traveling Chamelian.

Here are Lena’s top three reasons to be in Armenia

 1- Easy traveling. Coming from the Great White North, I especially appreciate the accessibility not only within Yerevan as it is a small city, but also outside of it. Transportation is cheap—albeit a little scary at times, and goes everywhere. It took me a long time to be able to get on a mashootka alone without feeling anxious, but once I did, I finally learned to appreciate transportation in this country. Especially worth noting if you never plan to own or drive a car!
On the Way to Lake Sevan
2- FOOD! While Toronto is known as a multi-cultural city, and of course that also means lots of delicious food from different cultures, I was introduced to some of my favourite foods in Yerevan, and am eternally grateful. Basooc dolma, jingalov hats, and of course every Georgian dish (going to Georgia is also very easy from Armenia, but going to Georgian restaurants is even easier). Also a lot of Syrian-Armenian restaurants have opened which give us all access to delicious and much-missed Arabic and Western Armenian foods. There are also many shugas (farmer’s markets) in the city that are convenient and a great way to see what cool local produce there is! PIC for lentil soup and fattoush from Syrian-Armenian restaurant Haleb:
Haleb Restaurant
3- Lack of boredom. If you can get bored in Armenia, you may be a boring person. Especially as a result of reason #1, finding things to do is very easy, and there are so many up & coming scenes in the city, I feel like everyone will find something for them. From bands playing music I never expected to find here to vegan festivals, look and you shall find. Or do it yourself. Either way, it exists or can exist here!
About Lena

Lena Tachdjian has been living and working in Armenia for 3 years. A certified Nutritionist, she blogs about nutrition and travel at http://thetravelingchamelian.blogspot.com/

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