Why Armenia? (IX)

Everyone who follows this blog knows that I currently live in Armenia. Everyone knows that I blog not only to document my travels and share hundreds of my pictures with you. One of the reasons why I keep blogging is to promote traveling in Armenia and South Caucasus.
I know many bloggers that visited Armenia. I even met some of them during their travels and I follow their sites daily. One day I decided to ask them to help me encourage people to travel to Armenia.
Every Monday from now on, I will be featuring travelers and bloggers that have visited Armenia. Every author will share three reasons to visit the country along with some great pictures taken by him/her while in Armenia.
Today I’m happy to present you Polly from A girl and her travelsSo, why Armenia?

To be completely honest, I didn’t really have any idea about Armenia before I visited. My husband and I initially chose Yerevan as the backdrop for the second issue of our online magazine Like a Local because the flights were cheap and several Armenian friends couldn’t help but talk about how amazing Armenia was in every. single. conversation.
You know what? Those friends were right. Armenia was amazing.
Nature. We ended up driving almost 2000 kilometers around Armenia while we were there and I don’t think I went more than an hour without pulling over the car to get out and take photos of the surrounding landscape. Shots from the top of a mountain. Shots in foggy valleys. Shots of a lone, stone cathedral on a hill. Shots of shockingly blue lakes. I’ve got them all. I’ve definitely never been anywhere with such awe-inspiring landscapes.

People. My friends of Armenian descent always told me ‘Armenians are the nicest people in the world’. I smiled and nodded, never quite believing them, but after a visit to Armenia I can say that I definitely underestimated the kindness of the Armenia people. It wasn’t even simple friendliness, though: the Armenians we met always had time to answer our questions or tell us their entire life’s story or just shoot the breeze about what it’s like in Armenia. That Armenian openness is what really made our trip. Oh, aside from… 

Affordability. Coming from Moscow, one of the most expensive cities in the world, I could have cried with happiness when we saw the prices in Armenia. Fresh honey sold on the side of a mountain for $3? Taxi rides through Yerevan for $1? A full meal at a nice restaurant for under $20?! There’s no doubt that Armenia is the perfect destination for travelers on a budget.
About the Author
Polly is an American living in Moscow, Russia with her Russian husband. She’s a freelance writer who blogs at A Girl and HerTravels. She’s also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of  Like a Local Mag, which just released their second issue about Yerevan!

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