Why Armenia? (III)

Garni Temple
Everyone who follows this blog knows that I currently live in Armenia. Everyone knows that I blog not only to document my travels and share hundreds of my pictures with you. One of the reasons why I keep blogging is to promote traveling in Armenia and South Caucasus.
I know many bloggers that visited Armenia. I even met some of them during their travels and I follow their sites daily. One day I decided to ask them to help me encourage people to travel to Armenia.
Every Monday from now on, I will be featuring travelers and bloggers that have visited Armenia. Every author will share three reasons to visit the country along with some great pictures taken by him/her while in Armenia.
Today I’m happy to present you Robert from Leave Your Daily Hell
So, why Armenia?

Republic Square, Yerevan
Poor infrastructure made it difficult for me to enjoy my time in Armenia, but aside from that, there’s little not to love about this tiny piece of land in the Caucasus. Majestic Lake Sevan will make you forget that you’re landlocked, while a trip to 12th-century Geghard Monastery will take you back in time – especially if you’re lucky, like me, and visit when a professional choir is performing ancient hymns. Garni, a Pagan temple that dates back to Roman times, exudes a timeless energy, to say nothing of the timeless warmth and hospitality of the Armenian people.
Garni Temple
Elderly Armenian Woman
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Robert Schrader at Sevan Lake

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