Why Armenia? (II)

Tatev Monastery
Everyone who follows this blog knows that I currently live in Armenia. Everyone knows that I blog not only to document my travels and share hundreds of my pictures with you. One of the reasons why I keep blogging is to promote traveling in Armenia and South Caucasus.
I know many bloggers that visited Armenia. I even met some of them during their travels and I follow their sites daily. One day I decided to ask them to help me encourage people to travel to Armenia.
Every Monday from now on, I will be featuring travelers and bloggers that have visited Armenia. Every author will share three reasons to visit the country along with some great pictures taken by him/her while in Armenia.
Today Iā€™m happy to present you Jonny from Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel
Jonny Blair at the Garni Temple, Armenia
So, why Armenia?
1. I have always been intrigued by former countries of the USSR on my travels and I have also visited Azerbaijan, Belarus and a few others, so Armenia was next on the list when I was in that region – I naturally came overland from Georgia.
Jonny Blair at Tatev Monastery, Armenia
2. I was fascinated but a little disturbed at the horrific atrocities the Turks inflicted on Armenians during the 21st century and wanted to meet some Armenians.
3. As a person who grew up in a conflict zone (Northern Ireland), there was an inner fascination with Nagorno Karabakh, which can of course only be accessed through Armenia.
Jonny Blair in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh

About the Author:

Jonny Blair is a passionate travelling Northern Irishman who has travelled to over 90 countries across all seven continents in the last decade. He runs a travel blog and has absolutely no limits or boundaries to his travel lifestyle. Through is website Don’t Stop Living, Jonnyaims to tell rel life stories from places nobody else writes about and inspire others to visit countries like Armenia, Iraq, Suriname, El Salvador and Northern Ireland.
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