Trip to Garni and Geghard


Armenia is sort of famous for its severe monasteries, very often located in a scenic mountainous landscape. Geghard is one of them. It’s partly carved out from the natural rocks and cliffs – parts of a Azat river gorge. In the monastery complex we will find a lot of scross-stones, khachkars. These steles are a very characteristic example of Armenian sacral art. Some of them are even engraved in the cliffs which makes the impression that the architecture and the nature are morphing into one. Geghard was founded in 4 century AD. The main chapel was built around 1215. It’s walls have a piece of history to tell you.

Geghard Monastery, Armenia

Geghard Monastery
Geghard Monastery, Armenia

As I mentioned before, Armenia is full of monasteries. Gerhard’s’ location makes it very special but there is something more. This unique sight is located really close to another spiritual centre, a Hellenistic temple Garni. It comes from 1 century AD. This Parthenon like structure, so unexpectedly found on a territories of former Soviet Union, is an ideal place for travelers for a quiet moment of self-discovery. At least this is what this spot meant to me. If I had to sum up the Garni-Geghard experience in one sentence I’d say it was a taxi ride between the two spiritual powers allowing you to find your own very needed balance.

Garni, Armenia
Garni Temple

Garni&Geghard, Armenia, August 2012

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