Throwback to Bucharest

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I visited Bucharest 5 years ago next week, escaping a dark December for a slightly sunnier, milder one. I was curious, totally unprepared, and truly heartbroken.

The trip was actually supposed to be a couple getaway, but it, well. You know, someone had other plans. I was even hesitating if I should go. I’m very glad I did.


I’m also forever grateful to my Romanian friends who gave me wine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and insisted I actually left the house sometimes, and see the best bits of their city. Without them I would hardly see anything else than the closest bar.


When I think of it today, I’m quite sure their city is one of the most (if not THE most) misunderstood European capital. I’m toying with the idea of coming back ever since I left.

The dream of Bucharest came back to me last week when I accidentally started reading a reportage book on the city written by Margo Rejmer, an extremely talented young Polish writer, who spent around two years living and leaving the place, desperately trying to understand its chaotic ways.


The more I read, the more I needed to see the city again. Refreshing my own photoarchive seemed to be the most efficient way. While browsing through the images, I randomly decided to publish them again. They are 5 long seasons old, but I still like them. I hope you will enjoy these reheated sarmale as well.

Some people say recycling content isn’t too sexy, but I don’t care. Nostalgia is a great excuse, especially around this part of the world.




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