Thoughts on blogging in your second language

Most of the time I think in Polish. Sometimes I think in English. Sometimes I think in an incomprehensible mix of both. Sometimes I think in Czech. Sometimes a Russian word emerges in the middle of my thought.
Found in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
When I started this blog two years ago this week I couldn’t decide in which language these notes should be taken. Anyway, I mostly wanted the pictures to speak but I had to make sure the captions are understandable for as many readers as possible.
Found in Brussels, Belgium
I never thought about stats in the beginning of The Picktures. What was originally meant to be an open online photo gallery for friends and family became way bigger. Every comment and every share make my heart swoon. You know I’m like oh my, someone is actually reading my little blog. Someone is following me. Someone thinks this site is worth clicking through. And I ensure you, dear reader, this feeling pays back for all the work that I put into running this site.
Found in Nicosia, Cyprus
Found in Tbilisi, Georgia
When I look at my audience, I congratulate myself I’ve chosen English as the site language. Poland is only fourth country my visitors come from. Vast majority of you who read me is from the United States and Canada. I love Polish and it will always be my one and only native tongue. It has one disadvantage though. It’s only spoken in Poland. And I want to go beyond because I’m bold and I like to pretend I’m courageous and, last but not least, I genuinely hate exclusion. So an international language sounds like the one and only option.
But. It’s not always easy.
Found in Paris, France
Sometimes I’d sit in front of an empty screen thinking how to put something into English so it wouldn’t look like I just google translated a Slavic expression. Sometimes I feel like I’d be a better travel writer if I had chosen Polish to express in. Mostly I don’t think about it though. I don’t think about it because I constantly use English. As simple as that. Since the day I’ve moved to Armenia I speak English 98% of the time. I speak it at work, with my friends, with my partner and with stray cats. Surprisingly, I started to talk in English to myself, too. Sometimes I dream in English. I make my shopping lists in English. My organizer is full of notes in English. And here comes the funny thing.
I still remember the times when I didn’t speak a word of this language. I still have a memory of an autumn day when I was seven years old and someone on the street asked me a question in English. I think this someone got lost in my neighbourhood and needed directions. I’m not sure though because I ran away as fast as I could. I was ashamed I couldn’t help.
Found in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
I don’t do this anymore. Today I’m the one who asks for directions in English. And this brings a big smile to my face.
East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany
And I couldn’t have been happier than I decided to blog in English. Blogging lets you grow. Blogging in a foreign language lets you grow more. You travel when you write and it broadens your mind. You don’t get paid for it for but it makes you richer.
Do you write in your second language? Would you consider it? What do you think of it?

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