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There is something I need to confess. I’m an introvert, who loves hostels. I realize this might be slightly hard to imagine, especially in the Balkans, where most of the backpacker friendly places to stay are party hostels. But this is the way I am, and I know that there are more of us, these introverts who always choose to stay in dorms. Frugal travelers, who want to socialize, but they appreciate when their privacy is respected. Not too interested in partying till the sunrise, but happy to chat over a beer.
If you are one of them, The Doctor’s House Hostel is your kind of place in Sarajevo, the beautiful and multicultural capital of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Here is why.

The idea behind the name
The Doctor’s House was established by Cat, an American living in Sarajevo. Cat is not a doctor, but she is a daughter of one. She was raised in a doctor’s house. Her family moved from the US to Nigeria, where her father was helping people. The doctor’s house was a place where everyone was getting the greatest care. Cat’s hostel is meant to be a place like that, too. A link between visitors and Bosnians, a place that helps international and local communities while building bridges between them.
I love the idea behind the name. I really like the place that was created in the name of that idea.
The Doctor’s House Hostel is located just 10 minutes away from the cathedral, the vibrant Ferhadija Street and the tram stop. Sounds perfect, right? You only need to be ready to walk up the hill on your way back. The views from balconies are worth it, I promise.
The Doctor’s House is a standalone house in a quiet, residential neighbourhood. There are several markets, grocery stores and bakeries in the area, so shopping won’t ever be a problem.
Inside the hostel
The hostel offers spacious private rooms and mixed shared dorms. Every floor has a shared bathroom. There is a well equipped kitchen for all the foodie travelers who are up for some homemade dishes. A coffee and tea selection awaits you, too. Last but not least, the fridge is full of beer (at least 4 different kinds), so if you get thirsty you can just grab a bottle, sign the drink list, and pay while checking out.
In the ground floor you will find a big common area where you can hang out with other travelers, borrow a book or play games. I made several friends in that room. Not too bad for an introvert.
I must say that I loved my dorm. How can you not love dorms that have bed curtains? What could possibly top that? A bed with a privacy curtain, a mirror, a power plug and a lamp for a bookworm like me to read at night without waking everyone else up!
The private rooms and the bathrooms could easily do in a good hotel. Nicely designed, comfortable, extremely clean and modern…What else would you ever need?
If you are a smoker, don’t worry, there are designated smoking areas for you, too. The place has very clear smoking guidelines to make sure everyone will be comfortable.
Anything else? Yeah, of course, the wifi. A crucial thing for us, freelancers. Yes, there is wifi in the property and it works both in common area and in the dorms.
If you would like to buy some souvenirs, the hostel offers cute handmade products from various regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While buying them, you help locals.
The Staff
The Doctor’s House Hostel team is extremely friendly, hospitable and professional. They are always available and ready to give you travel advice. The reception desk doesn’t work at night, but the team is supported by a volunteer, who lives in the property. He can always assist you if anything happens.
I’d like to thank the team for all the kindness, great pieces of advice and nice conversations. I was happy to meet you guys. You made my stay in Sarajevo a better, richer experience.
The Doctor’s House organizes tours to Sarajevo’s less accessible landmarks: the abandoned bobsleigh track, a haunting remnant of Winter Olympics in 1984, and the Tunnel of Hope, the only connection between the besieged city and the Bosnian controlled territories from 1993 to 1995. Both these sights are quite difficult to reach by public transportation, so a tour like that is the best option if you want to save your time and money. It will be much cheaper than a cab, and you will have a nice company and a local guide. At least 3 people have to sign up for the tour to be organized. The price is 30 KM/15 EUR.
The Doctor’s House Hostel is here to connect you to Sarajevo and to help you do it like a local. What are you waiting for? I’d go back in an instant
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I’ve partnered with The Doctor’s House during my stay in Sarajevo. As always, all the opinions are my own. 
Photo credit of the pictures of bedrooms goes to The Doctor’s House hostel. Other images are mine.

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