Places That Call Us Back Photo Carnival

Easter Island
We all love discovering new places while we travel. New experience, new tastes, new languages, new ways to celebrate life. Travelling is not an one-way street though. Each and every of us has a very special place that calls us back.

What’s your place you feel like returning to? I asked some of my fellow travel bloggers who share their favorites with us today!

Noel from Travel Photo Discovery

Baker beach during the springtime in San Francisco is always the best time to visit the coastal areas around the city. All the trails along the beaches and shoreline are filled with California wildflowers that are blooming and its a great time to be outdoors walking along the scenic parts of the city. You’ll find lupines, poppies and many local flowers lining all the dunes and hillsides of this unspoiled areas.

Marysia from My Travel Affairs

Place to which I would like to return is Chile, not to live there but somehow this is one of not many travel trips that I do not feel satisfied with, Chile was an amazing country which from perspective I took for granted, although I have made it to the Easter Island, there is so much more I would love to experience and discover! One day!

Place where I see myself moving to is Tel Aviv! I simply love this city, its vibe and unpretentious character! Omni present art, superb restaurants, beach weather 10 months a year, people, everything! There is something about this super city that charmed me from my first visit, and that is not an easy task to achieve!

Zofia from The Picktures

Now it’s my turn. If you follow this blog, you know that last year after my first Caucasian sojourn I fell in love with Armenia and promised to come back with one-way ticket. I’m sitting in my apartment in Yerevan right now and stare at the view. I made it. I live here now. If there is a place which call you back, pack and head back. There is no other way to go.

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