Perfect Eastern Caribbean Cruise

I was never a cruise person. Well, I’m not much of a beach bum either, but I recently started to realize that I need my vitamins sea and sun more and more, and that my lifestyle of a freelance road-tripper calls for a break once or twice a year. That’s when I started researching activities that have never even crossed my mind before.



A luxury Caribbean cruise is one of them. Let’s talk about the best adventure everyone needs to take soon.
We will be going to Eastern Caribbean and we will stop at 3 marvelous spots: The Bahamas, St. Thomas and Sint Maarten.
The Bahamas
I’m sure you’ve seen tons of images of this picture-perfect archipelagic country. The beaches aren’t everything; you will also find numerous historical and cultural attractions there. Snorkeling and diving are a must-do. Discovering the underwater world is a truly special way to experience the country. You can do it pretty much everywhere in the Bahamas, but I would recommend you Eleuthera Island. I promise you there will be more reef fish than tourists there. If you ever get bored with it you can always learn about the local history in Pirates of Nassau Museum or the Garden of the Groves in Freeport, a lush green botanical garden, a perfect place to experience Caribbean wildlife.
St. Thomas
What comes to your mind when you think about Virgin Islands? I bet you must recall these white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and robin egg blue skies everyone’s summer holiday dreams are made of. This is what St. Thomas, one of the prominent islands of the US side of the archipelago, is all about. It’s literally filled with gorgeous beaches, but if I have to choose just one, I would advise you to try the Lindquist Beach. In the evenings hang out in Redhook. This port town is where the best restaurants, bars and cafes are. If you have more time in Virgin Islands after indulging in beach and pool days, sail around. Take a trip to Buck Island, the only Marine national park in the United States., party at Jost Van Dyke or go hiking in the Reef Bay Trail. As you see, you won’t run out of options.
St. Maarten
This dual-nation island might only measure 37 square miles, but it’s not size that counts in travel. It’s a paradise for more adventurous visitors. Try scuba diving or zip-lining at Pic Paradise, hike up to Fort Louis, the island’s most important historical monument. Wildlife lovers should also visit the Butterfly Farm. Water lovers might also consider kayaking to the nearby Pinel Island, a tiny, mostly deserted spot, ideal for snorkeling. As you can see, life is more than hammock, cocktails and sandy beaches here in St. Maarten. This little place has something for each and every type of traveler!
What do you think of this itinerary? Have you ever been on a cruise? How did you like it?

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