Perast – Pearl on the Bay of Kotor

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Our lady on the Rocks, Perast


Perast is probably the easiest and the most budget-friendly day trip from Kotor.

Easily accessible by public transport, picturesque old town is just 15 kilometers away from the historic part of Kotor. Why should you go?




Perast, Kotor Bay

Because it’s too pretty not to visit, that’s about it. And who doesn’t like a nice church on a tiny island?

Perast, Old Town

Perast has not one, but two of these. Islets of St. George and Our Lady on the Rocks are very pretty indeed, especially with some nice sunlight in the back. You can take a water taxi to explore them. The boat takes you to the latter. It doesn’t look like that, but it’s actually the one and only artificially built island on the Adriatic.

Old Town, Perast

I went to Perast on my last full day in the Kotor Bay. It’s a perfect place for a farewell – quiet, peaceful, and unbelievably pretty.

It looks like it was built to be featured in romantic movies. While it’s not to busy, and doesn’t offer you zillion activities, it’s a perfect place to just be.

Here are some of my photo souvenirs:

Boka Kotorska Boka Kotorska Perast, Montenegro Perast Old Town Perast Old Town Perast's tiny islands Perast, Montenegro Our lady on the Rocks, Perast Kotor Bay, Montenegro Pretty Perast, Montenegro Our Lady on the Rocks, Perast Perast, Montenegro Perast, Montenegro Perast, Montenegro Kotor Bay, Montenegro Architecture in Perast Kotor Bay, Perast Koto Bay, Perast Kotor Bay, Montenegro

This is my Perast. Which photo is your favorite?

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