Is Prilep Macedonia’s Best Kept Secret?

I’ve never planned to visit Prilep in the first place. I don’t think I ever heard of it before visiting Bitola. It was the second time in my life (both happened on the same trip by the way) that I decided to go somewhere inspired by a single Instagram shot. The best decision ever. The … Continue reading “Is Prilep Macedonia’s Best Kept Secret?”

Ayutthaya in Photos

Ayutthaya doesn’t need no introduction. There have been so many blogs written on Thailand, I don’t feel like there is anything new or bright I could add. But pictures are a different story, so I will still post them. My blogging is all about images anyway. Sight is my special sense and I guess it … Continue reading “Ayutthaya in Photos”

One Day in Szentendre in Pictures


I’m not the biggest fan of Budapest, and when I happened to be there on an exceptionally hot Saturday, my desire to leave the city as soon as possible has won over my internal urban explorer. I had a few day trip ideas, but I just went for the easiest one after all. In my … Continue reading “One Day in Szentendre in Pictures”

Your Home in Ljubljana – Vila Veselova Hostel


I knew I would love Ljubljana before I even stepped out of the train that brought me to the city. And it wasn’t only because of my pre-trip research (read: browsing pretty images on Pinterest and Instagram and getting overexcited). It was just the way this region makes me feel. To say that I love … Continue reading “Your Home in Ljubljana – Vila Veselova Hostel”

Postcards from the Slovenian Coast


Slovenian coast isn’t exactly famous. The Slovenian Riviera only measures 46.6 km, so a constantly rushing backpacker might as well overlook it. He might, but you shouldn’t. It’s quality not quantity that counts in travel, right? I feel so weird trying to convince you to visit this little piece of northern Adriatic coast. Me? I’m … Continue reading “Postcards from the Slovenian Coast”

One Day in Sintra


I love big cities, but it’s a rather complex relationship. I need my alone time, too. Sorry, hustle and bustle, we aren’t meant to stay together for too long. Every city break I go on ends up with me on a getaway to the nearest pretty village. Or a castle. Or a pretty village with … Continue reading “One Day in Sintra”

Once upon a time in a cave village in Iran


Kandovan was my last stop in Iran before hopping on a bus to Armenia aka home, back to speedy internet connection, deadlines, technical translations, and coffee (if you like your caffeine, you better think of self-catering before you step on Iranian soil. Consider yourself warned). I planned to go there from Tabriz, thinking of it … Continue reading “Once upon a time in a cave village in Iran”

Searching for Ancient Persia


I’m not sure where to start. The whole month of April passed without a single post on this blog. I went few weeks without even posting regular updates on The Picktures social media accounts. Not my style at all. And never a good sign. Nothing has happened, really. I was mostly translating and trying to … Continue reading “Searching for Ancient Persia”