Searching for Ancient Persia


I’m not sure where to start. The whole month of April passed without a single post on this blog. I went few weeks without even posting regular updates on The Picktures social media accounts. Not my style at all. And never a good sign. Nothing has happened, really. I was mostly translating and trying to … Continue reading “Searching for Ancient Persia”

One bobsleigh track that has been through a lot


Sarajevo’s bobsleigh track has seen a lot, that’s for sure. It is also pretty clear that a long time has passed since a bobsled ran down its graffiti covered walls. The track was built for Winter Olympic Games that took place in Sarajevo in 1984. Today it remains a strange monument to Bosnian capital’s past. … Continue reading “One bobsleigh track that has been through a lot”

Visiting Khao Lak- Lam Ru National Park


My trip to Thailand last November was a gift. My plane ticket was a gift. Sunlight was one, too. And fresh seafood. I’m beyond grateful for it. All that said, I kind of expected more of the Andaman Coast. I remember reading blog posts about Thai islands during my never-ending layover at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. … Continue reading “Visiting Khao Lak- Lam Ru National Park”

Gems of Eastern Poland: the Holy Mount of Grabarka

Podlasie, Poland

Grabarka is a tiny village close to Siemiatycze, Poland. Well, you probably haven’t heard of Siemiatycze either. They aren’t too touristy, but there certainly are numerous reasons why you should memorize these names. Firstly, because Podlasie region is the best place to discover diversity in Polish history, culture, and society; Secondly, because Grabarka is home … Continue reading “Gems of Eastern Poland: the Holy Mount of Grabarka”

Strolling the Danube Promenade

Budapest, Hungary

I have been a little MIA lately. It’s been over a month on The Picktures without a proper post. Not my usual style, trust me. Where was I? I was in Poland spending time with my family and introducing the country to my partner who finally visited for the first time. I was in Prague … Continue reading “Strolling the Danube Promenade”

How to Get the Best Possible Holiday and Travel Snapshots


When you go on holiday, you will most likely be taking a camera with you. There will be sights and experiences you will not be familiar with, and you’ll want to record those. So you need to figure out how you can get the best possible holiday and travel snapshots. Use these suggestions to help … Continue reading “How to Get the Best Possible Holiday and Travel Snapshots”

Your Home in Bangkok – Nitan Hostel Khaosan

I’ve planned my visit to Bangkok on a whim. I did no research. All I knew about my home in Bangkok, the lovely Nitan Hostel Khaosan was that it was located just 20 metres from the infamous Khaosan Road, Bangkok’s nightlife hub full of bars, drunken backpackers, questionable cocktails, and guys selling you grilled scorpions. … Continue reading “Your Home in Bangkok – Nitan Hostel Khaosan”

In Photos: Bangkok Flower Market

Bangkok Flower Market

It was my first day in Bangkok and I was exhausted. I spent a night on the road, dropped my bags at the lovely Nitan Hostel Khaosan and went sightseeing. I can sleep when I’m dead, what mattered more was to get to the Royal Palace before the crowds and their selfie sticks wake up. … Continue reading “In Photos: Bangkok Flower Market”