We need to talk about Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

I’ve first heard of Chernivtsi because of Paul Celan, so I’ve always imagined it as a city of poetry and diversity. I wanted to go there really badly since I’ve seen a few pictures of it. I’m notorious of unconditional love towards Austro-Hungarian cities, so I bet no one is surprised.     I’m not … Continue reading “We need to talk about Chernivtsi”

Chernihiv – A Lovely Day Trip from Kyiv in Pictures

I was lucky to spend two absolutely blissful weeks in Ukraine this June. I returned to Kyiv after ten years and it was a beautiful reunion. We’ve reconnected immediately. But after a few days I was itchy to go on a day trip, preferably to a place I haven’t heard of before. I was considering … Continue reading “Chernihiv – A Lovely Day Trip from Kyiv in Pictures”

Our Lady of Lebanon and a Very Special Sunset

Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa

If you live somewhere in the West, you’ve probably only heard bad things about Lebanon. You’ve heard it’s dangerous, full of Muslim extremists waiting to kidnap you, that it’s way too radical, and that an European solo female traveler should never ever go there, because there is no reason to anyway. If you live somewhere … Continue reading “Our Lady of Lebanon and a Very Special Sunset”

Postcards from Julian Alps

I only have one regret about my trip to Slovenia. I should have packed my hiking boots and spent more time in the mountains. I only had two days to spend wandering around Bled and Bohinj Lakes, discovering Vintgar Gorge and enjoying the views from Vogel. Honestly I could have spent the entire week just … Continue reading “Postcards from Julian Alps”

Yazd – the Prettiest Mud City

I knew Yazd will be my absolute Iranian favorite before I even got to the country. It’s pretty simple, I just have a thing for mud cities in the desert. Nothing could go wrong here, especially with Yazd’s hippie, laid-back vibe, so different from other Iranian cities.       I love Yazd for its … Continue reading “Yazd – the Prettiest Mud City”

2016 in 16 pic(k)tures

2016 was a rough year. Not because my favorite celebrities proved mortal or something. It’s way deeper than that. These are not the best times for people who want to destroy walls rather than build them. And there’s not much we can do about it. So, how about we stay committed to what we love? … Continue reading “2016 in 16 pic(k)tures”

A Day in Bitola in Pictures

I knew nothing about Bitola upon my arrival. I hopped on a bus to the second largest city in Macedonia only because I committed to exploring the country properly. I wanted to see more than just the quirky capital and the charming town of Ohrid that seems to be everyone’s favorite. Luckily, Bitola didn’t disappoint. … Continue reading “A Day in Bitola in Pictures”

Is Prilep Macedonia’s Best Kept Secret?

I’ve never planned to visit Prilep in the first place. I don’t think I ever heard of it before visiting Bitola. It was the second time in my life (both happened on the same trip by the way) that I decided to go somewhere inspired by a single Instagram shot. The best decision ever. The … Continue reading “Is Prilep Macedonia’s Best Kept Secret?”