Only Real Photographers Will Understand These Issues

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Photography is an interesting hobby, and it’s certainly a joy when you get that perfect shot. But that doesn’t mean photography isn’t without a few challenges and little intricacies that only photographers will understand. Particularly, those who love taking their cameras on holiday to get all those incredible shots abroad.


Darn, Left The Lens Cap On

Photographers won’t admit it, but everyone of us has had to deal with this embarrassing mistake at one point or another. We line up the shot, we see the perfect image in front of us. It’s only going to be there for a split second, so we have to act fast. We pull out our camera and click, got it! It’s only when we go home and check our photos an hour later we see nothing more than a black square. It’s the dreaded yet almost inevitable mistake of leaving the lens cap on. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, just reading this will ensure it does sooner rather than later.

That’s Alright I’m Not Taking A Picture…

Another issue for photographers is someone stepping directly in front of their perfect shot. If you take photography classes, you’re going to learn a lot of useful information about capturing photos. One thing no one can teach you is how to ask someone to politely get out of the way of your shot. Usually, they’ll try to rectify the situation by bowing their head or crouching down. Well, you can’t expect them to understand the issue with aberrations in a photo, can you? Of course, by the time they do move out the way your perfect shot has completely disappeared.

Too Many Photos

Photographers are nothing if not perfectionists. It’s quite common for even the most skilled photographers to make sure they take different shots a few hundred times over the course of a few minutes. You might think this is a wise choice as it gives you a broad variety to choose from. Unfortunately, you’re then faced with the trouble of searching through them all and finding the one you actually want to keep. There is also the disappointing possibility that none provide the photo you wanted to get.

Heading Through The Airport

Photographers often have our cameras strapped around our necks. It’s not because we’re hipsters, we just don’t want to miss that perfect moment. This does present trouble when heading through an airport, though. You have to take it off and put it through the scanner. Every photographer winces as they see their precious camera being handled by airport staff. We have to stop ourselves from reaching out to protect it.

Patience Really Is A Virtue

Finally, it’s a myth that photographers show up at a location, find the perfect spot, take a few minutes adjusting themselves and get the killer shot. That doesn’t happen. Real photographers spend hours adjusting their angle getting the right position and waiting for the scene they want to appear. Photographers don’t always even know what they are waiting around for. They just hope they’ll recognize it when it comes along.

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