My Big Announcement

Hi, I’m Zof and a couple of days ago I bought a plane ticket. Nothing you’ve never heard about, right? People do travel. Especially the ones who call themselves travel bloggers. I took something like 10 flights this year. Still, not that much. Guess why I’m running my mouth over the 11th one.
Because this time I did something for the first time.
I’m thrilled to announce that I purchased an one way-ticket.
And I have no idea when do I come back. I will tell you more. I have no clue how coming back might be like.
In one month I will be embarking  for Tbilisi, Georgia. I will get there on July 15th, 4 AM. Then I will wait a couple of hours to catch a minibus which will drop me to my final destination. If you were following my blog for a while, it will be very easy to guess where I’m heading to.
Yerevan, Armenia. One year ago I was getting ready for my very first Armenian sojourn. I went to Yerevan to volunteer with Armenian Volunteer Corps. I committed to two months of volunteer work for one of the Yerevan-based NGOs working in a human development field.  My placement was a perfect match. I stayed with a wonderful host family. I made friends with beautiful people.
Heaven on earth?
No. A real place full of problems. A small landlocked country in a very uneasy region of the world.
My place on earth.
Armenia turned to be demanding and beautiful. I had many major ups and many minor downs.  Sometimes I felt really challenged. I was sick and tired of standing out. I dreamt about blending in with  crowds. At some point I seriously considered dyeing my hair black. Or at least buying a black wig. I never did any of these.
I kept calm and carried on.  After a couple of weeks I knew two months are too short for me. Poland was calling back though. I had a relationship, a job and a PhD course waiting for me back at home. I returned to Warsaw in late September.
Times changed, people stayed the same. Armenia was on mind every day. Armenia and her people. In the beginning of January I was wandering around the streets of Yerevan again. Someone saw me there in May. I came just for a short visit. You know, to check if everything stands on its place. It stood still. Waiting for me to make my decision.
In October, right after I got back from my internship I wrote an entry for Armenian VolunteerCorps blog. There is one line I want to repeat. So, I’ve just fallen in love with this country. I cannot fully explain why. But I can say what the next step is.  If you love someone and you are 3000 kilometers away all you need is to go back.
Here I go. This is just a beginning. I don’t know how long I move to Yerevan for. I have no expectations. For the very first time in my life I have no long-term plans. Guess what, this feels great.
I only know the first step and I couldn’t be more sure I’m going in a good direction. Follow the blog to see what is waiting more at the top of the staircase. I promise to keep you posted and to show you the beauty of the Caucasus on The Picktures.


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  1. Thanks for this great post!
    I can definitely understand you and this is so exciting! "all you need is to go back" – that is so true and nevertheless so hard to realize. I admire your tough decision and I wish you all the best in Armenia! Keep us up to date! 🙂

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