Is Prilep Macedonia’s Best Kept Secret?

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I’ve never planned to visit Prilep in the first place. I don’t think I ever heard of it before visiting Bitola. It was the second time in my life (both happened on the same trip by the way) that I decided to go somewhere inspired by a single Instagram shot. The best decision ever. The day I spent hiking around Prilep was my favorite day during the whole Macedonian adventure.

It might be a small town, but I don’t care about the sights downtown if I have a fortress to hike and a gorgeous monastery at the foot of a rocky hill. I might be slightly biased. I was told I like boulders more than an average person does. I hope my readers like them, too, because I will share too many pics of them just about now.

So, I went to Prilep, because I wanted to see Marko’s Towers (Markovi Kuli) and St. Archangel Michael Monastery. I absolutely loved both places, and I haven’t seen a single visitor while touring them (unless two donkeys count). I was enchanted.

All these awesome landscapes and beautiful architecture were mine that day. And I made friends with some donkeys and cows, too. An introvert paradise, especially after two days in Ohrid. Don’t get me wrong, Ohrid is beautiful and serene. But it’s also crowded, even in early October. So, I’d say visit Prilep and hike around it before everyone else does. There is more to Macedonia that a quirky capital and a charming lake.

I wish I had more than one day to spend around this small town. Why? Google Treskavec Monastery and Prilep’s Marble Lake, these are the best answers and reasons why I will have to come back someday. They might actually be Macednia’s best kept secret. And I don’t care how cliché this might sound.

Have you ever heard of Prilep? Would you like to go?

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