How I Like To Choose The Right Camera For Me

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional photographer or whether you are strictly amateur, you should always treat your camera with the ultimate respect. For me, that means choosing correctly. If I don’t have the right equipment, I always feel it will affect my photography, something I want to avoid like the plague! It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional who does it for a living or a novice who is looking to improve. Whatever your agenda, you cannot afford to get it wrong, so here are the basics I think will help you out.


I always see new cameras and want one without looking at the price, and that is dangerous. Trust me; I know your pain! The shinier they are, the harder it is to put them down, but you have to have a strict budget and stick to it. Please don’t spend more than you can afford because it never works out well. You never want to get yourself your debt just for a camera, even if it is the perfect one!

Know your limits

Everyone likes to think of themselves as the consummate photographer, almost like a young David Bailey. I know I do anyway! But, keep in mind that you might not be as good as you think you are. I don’t say that to discourage you; it is more to keep you on the right track. For example, if you are a complete novice you don’t need a camera with all the mod cons. In that case, you want a nice piece of equipment that you can get used to before you move on and buy another camera.

What do you need it for?

If it is just for a few holiday snaps, don’t worry too much about the specifications. In fact, your camera on your phone might be a good idea because they are very decent nowadays. A small, compact camera that you can fit in your pocket is another alternative, plus they are affordable. But, if you want to hang your photos in your living room a long lens DSLR is the best way to go.


Do you prefer a Canon or a Nikon? What is the difference? How much difference does one make? The Canon vs Nikon argument is an age old argument in the photography world, but in my view it is important. Not just because Canon’s or Nikon’s are the best, but because it raises an important question about brands. Brands can become a bit of an obsession because you associate certain brands with quality. But, there are other brands out there that will suit your needs, so don’t restrict yourself to one or two models.

Go with what you like

To be honest, you will find a lot of cameras that you cannot find a difference between and that makes choosing difficult. All you can do is go with your gut in cases like that because there is only so much research to analyse. Remember that you need to be comfortable with your camera as well, so you should love your choice.

I am not saying that these tips are everything you need to know, but they are important things to consider.


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