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I knew I would love Ljubljana before I even stepped out of the train that brought me to the city. And it wasn’t only because of my pre-trip research (read: browsing pretty images on Pinterest and Instagram and getting overexcited). It was just the way this region makes me feel. To say that I love Central Europe is an understatement. No matter where I live, I only belong to this very part of the world. I’ve never been to Slovenia before, but it felt a little like homecoming. Thank you, regional identity.
All that said, I still needed to find a place to stay to make me feel that the city loves me back. I found Vila Veselova Hostel and I would love to take a minute of your time to tell you about this cozy mansion right next to Tivoli Park.
Vila Veselova is located in the center of Ljubljana, just a 10-minute walk from the famous Prešeren Square. It is situated right next to the Tivoli Park, the green lungs of the Slovene capital, which might make all runners very happy. It is also really peaceful and quiet, which is quite unusual for its central location. You can be sure you will get your quality sleep here. Even the railway tracks nearby are not an issue. I stayed in two different rooms in this hostel and nothing has ever bothered me in any way.
vv 16

The building itself is quite awesome, too. It’s a traditional villa designed over a century ago by Ciril Metod Koch, one of the remarkable Slovene architects who introduced Art Noveau style to the country. Today it gracefully combines traditional and modern. I would call it a perfect space to create a cozy hostel for travelers who are looking for balance between a party place and a quiet comfort zone.

Inside the hostel
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If you read the previous paragraph, you might already guess that the interior of this hostel simply has to be remarkable, just because, well, Art Noveau villas usually aren’t too shabby. It was also decorated with true passion and taste, you can tell from a brief look. I loved my first few minutes in the hostel just discovering all the little gems on the walls and all over the shelves.
 vv 10
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The hostel offers private rooms and dorms. You can choose a bedroom decorated in your favorite color from turquoise to lime to orange. I’ve stayed in two different dorms and they were both spacious and comfortable. You won’t have to step out of your comfort zone here.
 vv 17
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In addition, Vila Veselova has a really well equipped kitchen, so if you are planning on cooking your own meals while in Ljubljana, this will be a suitable place for sure. There is always fresh coffee, several kinds of tea and fruit syrups at your disposal. If you need a late night snack, there is a vending machine, which also sells the most popular Slovene beers. Needles to say this saved my life several times, when I joined an ad hoc party or a late night travel discussion in the common room.
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Oh, did I say common room? So, the common room is really cool as well. This is where you find board games, new friends, a little library, and tons of practical information about Slovenia like up to date train and bus schedules or opening hours of the most visited monuments in the country. I used to sit there with my notebook catching up with freelance work, but many times I just stayed there long into the night sharing stories and beers with other travelers.
 vv 11
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Unfortunately, beers and stories are not everything. Or they might be, but you need to earn a few dollars first. You probably know that I’m a full-time freelancer, who always works on the road. This makes my WiFi dear to me. I won’t stay at a place, no matter how cool it is, if it doesn’t offer a decent and stable internet connection. Fortunately, WiFi is good enough at Vila Veselova and it’s available throughout the property.
 vv 7
Last but not least, the breakfast. I always love when a hostel serves it. In many countries it’s rarely seen, but in Vila Veselova you get toasts, several types of cereal, cheese, jam, seasonal fruit, tea, and coffee. It’s certainly an added value that should be mentioned.
The Staff
 vv 12
I think I was a difficult guest. I didn’t make enough research and I had all these day trip ideas everyone had to help me with, and all these questions about Slovenia everyone had to answer. After five days of this crazy quest I can tell Vila Veselova has the nicest and the most competent team. They are knowledgeable and passionate about their country and the region, and I’m sure that they will make you feel that Slovenia, nicknamed the country of love, truly loves backpackers.
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I partnered with Vila Veselova Hostel on my trip to Ljubljana. As always, all the opinions are mine. 
Photos of dorm rooms were provided by the hostel management. All the other images were taken by me. 

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