Have you ever recycled a flower?


Last week I wrote about Genocide Rememberance Day in Armenia.

Last week almost everyone who lives in Yerevan or who just happened to be here went to the Genocide Memorial to commemorate the victims. And to lie a flower as a sign of rememberance and respect.
So did I.

The amount of roses, tulips, lilias and carnations was overwhelming.
I haven’t seen so many flowers in my entire life. They were stunning but the beauty was fading with every moment. The flowers, laid in memoriam of these who died, were dying too. If this was the end, it would be a sad story.

But it’s not the end.
Last Saturday hundreds of volunteers gathered at the Genocide Memorial to recycle the flower petals that would be later used to make paper. This fantastic initiative is organized every year by SunChild.

Just take a look. Aren’t these petals the prettiest?

Genocide Memorial in Yerevan

Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan
Flower Recycling
Flower Gathering at Tsitsernakaberd
Flower Gathering at Tsitsernakaberd
Flower Gathering
Armenian Genocide Memorial
Flower Recycling
Flower Recycling
Flower Recycling

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