Happy Birthday, Armenia

Armenia has a long history. Armenian culture has a long history. Armenian nation has a long history. But the country named Armenia, Republic of is very young. I am four years her senior and I don’t feel very old if you ask me. Today, Armenia celebrates her Independence Day. I, too, celebrate in my Yerevan apartment. The state I live in turns 23 today. Here are 23 pictures from various places across the contry. Happy Birthday, My Pretty.
Armenian Alphabet Monument

Victory Park, Yerevan
Somewhere in Tavush region
Armenia. That’s it.
Abovyan Street, Yerevan
The Cascade, Yerevan
Armenian Landscape
Armenian man and Armenian cross-stones
Sevan Lake
Yerevan Street Art
Sardarapat Memorial
Anapat Lastiver
Khor Virap
The Cascade, Yerevan
Garni Temple
Haghpat Monastery
Around Tatev
Yerevan Skyline
Geghard Monastery

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  1. Birthday in a Black & White??? Birthday is celebration of life … full of colours , would be better in coloured photos, but maybe just me .. the monastery and temple are cool though.

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