Go Green Armenia


I had an amazing eco Sunday. You know, getting lost and muddy in the fields and all that. It wouldn’t be possible without Go Green Armenia, a newly established NGO working to encourage ecological agriculture in Armenia, support local farmers and make Armenia healthier and greener. Thanks to GGA everyone from Yerevan could play a farmer and pick broccolis in Ashtarak. Vegetable picking is a simple idea but well, they organized it first so they are the ones who deserve a standing ovation (applause here).

What was it all about?

It was a day filled with visiting the country side, picking 4 types of broccoli(Fiesta, Romano, De Cecco,& purple broccoli), black tomato, leek, physalis tomatillo. Not to forget getting muddy. And having amazing lunch prepared by Real Yummy Bagels along with a shot of broccoli vodka (imagine the color it has). Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I will tell you more. They organize it once a month now! The broccoli event was the second one. In October we were picking, eating and carving pumpkins. So yummy! And there will be more and more to come.

I love the idea so I spread the word. And a couple of photos too. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take my camera with me.

Here is the Broccoli Day…

…and the Pumpkin Day

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