Get Guaranteed Share Worthy Holiday Snaps This Way

Holiday slideshows in the living room are out, but sharing your vacation snaps over social media is most definitely in. That means you will want less of the “Oh what was that?” Sort of pictures and more of the “Wow look at how amazing it looks there type.” So to help you with this, read on for some guidance and inspiration.



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Light is pretty crucial in photography, and some might say it the most important thing. That means you need to get it right for your photos to be at their best.

To do this, you can use the light that nature provides for you, including sunrises and sets for great silhouette shots with an artsy angle.
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For low light, shots remember to use a lens with a low aperture that will allow more light in. You can always enhance your photos with the use of the flash and other camera gizmos too. If in doubt, take multiple shots with and with the flash and then delete the ones that aren’t successful as necessary.


Getting the right composition for your photo is vital, so just pointing and clicking when there are so many wonderful things to shoot is a bit of a waste of time. Instead, think carefully about your shot. Are there any natural or man-made features that could be used to frame it like doorways or tree lines?

Remember too that if you are practicing landscape photography don’t forget that you don’t have to include the sky, especially if there’s another shot you can take that has more interest. When taking portraits or even selfies, consider the depth of the rest of the photo. Do you want the background blurred or in full focus, ask yourself which option will give you the best shot?


When taking holiday snaps inspiration is vital. Unexpected or juxtaposed items can work very well to create interest and ensure that your pictures stand apart from the rest of the herd.

Although with sort of thing it’s best not to overthink it too much, and just take as many shots of things that are appealing to you. You can always edit them down later after all. In fact, it’s pretty much a rule that you do just pick the best one to go on social media, so you don’t end up boring your friends and followers.


Lastly, of all for guaranteed share-worthy snaps don’t forget the miracle of post-production that is available. You have the option of using not just to the tops tech like Photoshop, GIMP, but other similar programme and apps like Bonfire Photo Editor Pro and LightX Photo Editor as well. Just stay clear of snapchat and related filters unless you are still young enough for this to be cool.

Of course, some methods are easier to use than others, in particular, the apps on the market can help you add a little something to your holiday shots without having to have too much technical knowledge. While, if you do go for the larger and more complex programs like Photoshop it may be necessary to do some research into creating the effect that you want before you achieve what you set out to do.

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