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Expats. Travelers who settled down for a tiny bit? Wanderers who found their place on Earth? Seekers who reached a place where they intended to be? Who are they? Would you like to meet them?

Hint: say yes!

The Picktures proudly presents you the guest post series: Expats Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday from now on, you will have a great opportunity to meet one expat blogger. I will be featuring their photo essays on home far from home.

Today, I would love to introduce you to Gábor and Rachele of Surfing the Planet blog. Gábor comes from Hungary, Rachele is Italian. They choose Barcelona as their home.

Home away from Home: Living in Barcelona as a foreigner 

Palau Nacional
In most of the places in the world, living as an expat is not easy at the beginning – Barcelona is just not one of these cities. When I moved here, I didn’t speak Spanish, not to mention Catalan, but I already felt embraced by the city. There are two sides to that story, local people here are much more friendly and extroverted than in Hungary (my home country) and at the same time the city is home to many foreigners from all over the world. Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t have avoided meeting other expats all the time who once had been in my shoes and understood me.

Boqueria Market

There is an important language barrier with local people, as really few of them speak English, however, at the same time it encouraged me to learn Spanish, and when I decided to stay longer, Catalan, the local language, too. The compensation for the effort was highly rewarded by the people smiling at you, even when my language skills were still quite bad.

I am probably very subjective with this city, but for my taste even after travelling in more than 40 countries, it is still one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world. It offers everything you can expect from the city you live in.

Gothic Neighbourhood
Parc Guell
the View from Parc Guell
Barcelona has a beautiful historic neighborhood, a peculiar architectural style, the modernism, featured by the works of Gaudí and others, nice beaches, several really great parks, markets full of life, viewpoints that take your breath away, very tasty local cuisine and annual local festivities in each neighborhood. This is a not at all complete list of the most amazing features of Barcelona, some examples are shown in the pictures.I don’t think I need more than this to show you that living as an expat in Barcelona means lots of pleasures and most importantly, loads of fun.

The Beach
Ciutadela Park
Fiesta de Gracia
Horta Park

About the Blog

Rachele and Gábor are travel addicts. Some would even say they are a little bit crazy. Wandering around the planet with their backpacks on is what they love the most. Every single place is on their list – every single place on Earth is worth visiting!  When they travel, they are trying to do as the locals do. Immersing in the local culture, cuisine and traditions is the essential part of travel. What Rachele and Gábor seek are authentic places, authentic experiences and authentic people.

Surfing the Planet was born in 2012 for the occasion of the round the world trip, a dream come true. Through Surfing the Planet, apart from sharing their  passion for travelling and discovering new worlds, they also inspire and help fellow travelers to choose their travel destinations and prepare their trips.They  provide tips on practical aspects of travel: accomodation, transportation, places to eat out.

About the Authors

Rachele was born in Venice and raised in a small town nearby. She experienced living in three different countries, traveled to more than 30 and kept returning to Barcelona. She loves international cuisine and seeking new challenges. She has been traveling since early childhood. She traveled Italy up and down, explored the countries of former Yugoslavia. In 2000 she camped alone in Italy. In 2003 she moved to London. After she graduated, she moved to Barcelona where she discovered the new world of solo female travel. In Barcelona she met Gábor, her partner in both life and travel. In 2010 she traveled solo around Rajasthan, India. Together with Gábor she traveled around the world. During their 17 month epic adventure they traveled around South America, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Gábor is from Hungary. He has been caught by travel bug since he was little. He traveled to more than 40 countries but he claims that there is still a lot to explore. Before Barcelona, he lived in Switzerland. Living abroad let him to grow, explore amazing places, meet great people and learn foreign languages. Apart from travel, he is keen on photography. In Barcelona he met Rachele, his partner who shares the wanderlust and the constant curiosity for exploring new worlds. During their 17 month epic adventure they traveled around South America, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

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