Expat Wednesdays with SJ Begonja


Expats. Travelers who settled down for a tiny bit? Wanderers who found their place on Earth? Seekers who reached a place where they intended to be? Who are they? Would you like to meet them?

Hint: say yes!

The Picktures proudly presents you the new guest post series: Expats Wednesdays! 

Every Wednesday from now on, you will have a great opportunity to meet one expat blogger. I will be featuring their photo essays on home far from home.

Today, I would love to introduce you to SJ Begonja, an Australian expat living in Croatia, editor-in-chief of Chasing the Donkey blog.

The Donkey

Croatia, has won me over. I adore her.

It was not instant love affair. I first came to this small village, when I was just 21. Young and foolish and no respect for the village way of life. Oh how things have changed more than a decade later.

After watching my husband beat cancer, not once but twice, it taught me that life is precious and you need to savor each moment. Now a Mum, and wife, I enjoy the more simplistic life here in my little village. Even as I sit here, an Australian expat, without any family, without any friends, I am the happiest I have been in many years.

In the Garden

I have the beach to take long walks along & the olive garden to wander through and my son to raise. I no longer have the hustle and bustle of big city life, but it’s not so far away if I need it. All I have to do is to hop on plane, jump in a car and I’ll be in a new city, heck a new country even. Although I am always happy to return home to slice my of slice of simple paradise.

My Local Beach
Local Beach
Soon our dream house will be built, and then I can sit on my porch as I drink the homemade wine, and all will be complete.
Our Chickens
Local Old Church
Snail Hunting

About the Author

SJ Begonja is an Australian expat living in Croatia. She is a solo parent for more than 1/2 of the year while her Croatian husband works abroad. They travel Croatia, and the best bits with you. SJ also blogs about navigating a new language and shares recipes and stories about making Croatia home.






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