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Expats. Travelers who settled down for a tiny bit? Wanderers who found their place on Earth? Seekers who reached a place where they intended to be? Who are they? Would you like to meet them?

Hint: say yes!

The Picktures proudly presents you my guest post series: Expat Wednesdays!

Today, I would love to introduce you to Adelina, an American expat living in Hungary, editor-in-chief of Pack Me To  blog.

Welcome to Budapest! Once two cities, hilly and beautiful Buda (on the left in the picture) and flat and vibrant Pest, Budapest stretches across the Danube river and is now home to 1.7 million people. Myself included.

Buda and Pest
Welcome to Budapest. View from Gellert Hill.

In many ways I feel like Budapest is still two cities. One that is pristine and clean that the tourists see, and another that is grittier and falling apart that those who live there see. Everywhere you look outside of the tourist areas, there is beautiful architecture that is crumbling. But then you look up at the grandeur around you and you don’t see all the grit anymore. For a big European city, there is a lot of green with expansive parks right in the city centre.

St.Stephen’s Basilica
Even doorways are gorgeous
Grittier side of Budapest

My relationship with Budapest has had its ups and downs. In many ways it is easy to love, but many social and economic realities of the city and the country makes it difficult. The language is difficult to learn as it resembles no other language on the planet. Like many other expats, silly annoyances turn into bigger headaches, but it is all a part of the adventure.

Courtyard of Buda Castle
The Parliament through the window of Fisherman’s Bastion

Getting around the city is easy. Public transport is generally reliable and runs at all hours of the day, night included with reduced service. That said, Budapest is a walking city. Once you’re in the centre, the best way to explore the city is to walk. My favorite thing to do on a weekend is to go visit a market and pick up something for dinner. Those who are looking for organic, seasonal foods will find themselves in heaven. A great way to relax is to head to one of the city’s famous baths and soak your troubles away.

Public transit is so convenient
Soaking at Szechenyi Baths
A market visit is a must

Living in Budapest as an expat is a lot of fun. There is plenty to see and do. There is history, beautiful architecture, lots of arts and culture and a vibrant nightlife. What more could you ask for in a city to call home?

Walking across the famous Chain Bridge

About the Author

Adelina is a curious globetrotter and food lover. She love telling stories through her writing and camera lens, and eating her way around the world. She has lived abroad in the Netherlands and Hungary. Follow along as she decides her next adventure on her blog and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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