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Expats. Travelers who settled down for a tiny bit? Wanderers who found their place on Earth? Seekers who reached a place where they intended to be? Who are they? Would you like to meet them?

Hint: say yes!

The Picktures proudly presents you the guest post series: Expats Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday from now on, you will have a great opportunity to meet one expat blogger. I will be featuring their photo essays on home far from home.

Today, I would love to introduce you to Anna of Anna Everywhere and her Mexican tale.

After living in various different places in the world I can say that Mexico City is definitely not an easy one to be an expat. I got to Mexico City after my stay in Argentina so my Spanish was communicative, however definitely not fluent. Does language barrier exist? Definitely yes, due to a fact that a relative quantity of people don’t speak any English. My first step was becoming fluent in Spanish – through classes, approaching people or friends. However, Spanish in Mexico is way different than Spanish in other parts of the world. Once last year, when working with Spaniards I’ve learned that the ‘Mexicano’ language I’ve learned is has maybe 70% to do with regular Spanish.

Another problem as an expat is Mexico is lack of a car. Mexico City operated mostly like southern American cities, what basically means that public transport is quite ‘different’. Buses run till 8pm the latest and often routes or delays (due to a traffic) don’t matter. However, Mexicans are extremely nice and kind. You can always have a small talk, or if you’re a woman you’d get a seat for yourself.

Mexico City is drowning among stereotypes shown by American movies and articles. It’s said the place is dangerous, polluted and that the food is weird. I’m not going to argue that the place is secure, but it’s as safe as in any other big city if you know where to go. Pollution is present mostly in the airport area, not like in New Delhi all over the place. And food… local food is the best I’ve ever had; totally different than so-called Mexican food abroad.

Mexico City has a beautiful historic district called Zocalo or Coyoacan, known thanks to Frida Kahlo. There are some great features like Parque Mexico park in La Condesa District or Chapultepec park in which the castle ad the lake are located. Around the city there is also Xochimilco with its colorful boats and world heritage pyramids Teotihuacan. However, the city also offers the modern part like districts of Santa Fe. Mexico also offers unforgettable experience during cultural events, such as Independence Day or the Day of the Dead.

After more than 2 years of living in Mexico City I can say that despite the hard beginning caused by adjusting to a totally different culture I’d definitely recommend living in Mexico for a while. It’ll impress you with culture, people and cuisine.

About the blog

The majority of ‘normal’ people might disagree with my idea of living in different places. On the other hand travelers keep up the idea that in order to travel you need to leave your home, sacrifice relationship and friends and make traveling your career. I disagree with this theory Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE traveling, however I believe that traveling is not enough. Apart from constantly visiting new places you have to expand your life experience… and you cannot do it without education, work, languages and simply strong human relationships – both in a romantic and friendly sense. By extending your stay in a place and becoming an expat you can learn way more than from ‘just passing by’.

Anna Everywhere is a new blog, redirected from an old one that started in 2010 in order to describe a volunteering project in Zimbabwe. Through Anna Everywhere she aims to provide tips on how to build your live in a place and become and expat and also gives advice on where to stay, what to eat and how to make your stay more enjoyable.

 About the author

Anna was born in Poland. She experienced living in more than 5 countries, and so far traveled to more than 45. Her travel adventures started between university educations. She quickly caught a travel bug and passion for foreign languages. Her passion for different travel activities brought her to volunteer with lions in Zimbabwe, ride an ostrich and bungee jump in South Africa, and get a massage from an elephant in Sri Lanka. She lived in various cities in the US, London, Cape Town, Florence, Mexico City and Amsterdam area. She also extended her travels by studying in other countries such as Canada, Israel, France and Zimbabwe.

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