even walls have ears


National Monument of Interception // Lipnice nad Sázavou, Czech Republic // Radomir Dvořák

“In the beginning was the Word.
Actually not.
In the beginning was an Ear for which That Word was uttered,
or, on the contrary, an altogether different Ear for which that Word was not intended.
But seriously now.
In the beginning was an idea
– a big ear chiseled in the granite face of a rock
a poetic artifact,
no comment.
Wonder of wonders, there were even available people.
And there was a place: a flooded Quarry #1 near Lipnice on the Sázava River.
(You don’t think number two would had been better, do you?)
and a title was being sought, like
“Even Walls Have Ears”, “Unheard Of”, “The Art of Listening””

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