Walking in Beyoğlu


Istanbul, Turkey // December 2013

Wandering around Eminönü


Istanbul, Turkey // December 2013

The Markets of Istanbul


Wandering around the Great Market and the Spice Market, Istanbul, December 2013

The Bosphorus Cruise


Cruising up the Bosphorus. My birthday gift to myself, Istanbul, December 2013

on my stay in Amber Best Western Hotel in Istanbul


Celebrating birthday abroad always sounded very cool to me. So, when I found a really cheap (when I say really cheap, I mean really-really-really cheap) ticket to Instabul for mid-December, I bought it with no second thought, excited to turn 26 in Turkey. A country that is so close yet so unreachable from Armenia, where … Continue reading “on my stay in Amber Best Western Hotel in Istanbul”

Where is Ani?


Have you ever heard of the city of Ani? City of 1001 churches, a powerful capital of the medieval Armenian kingdom? Well, it was powerful. Back in 10th century. Today Ani is a city of 1001 ghost rather than anything else. Ani still exists and, even as a ruin, it brings controversy. It’s so dramatic, … Continue reading “Where is Ani?”