Throwback to Bucharest

I visited Bucharest 5 years ago next week, escaping a dark December for a slightly sunnier, milder one. I was curious, totally unprepared, and truly heartbroken. The trip was actually supposed to be a couple getaway, but it, well. You know, someone had other plans. I was even hesitating if I should go. I’m very … Continue reading “Throwback to Bucharest”

Travel Flashback #3


They say that a well-traveled person can never be in only one place. It’s so true. Our hearts always wander. They always long for distant lands we fell for. Mine is not an exception. That’s why every Friday from now on I will be posting one picture of a place that has been on my … Continue reading “Travel Flashback #3”

Casa Poporului. The Ceausescu’s Dream


  Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania. The world’s largest civilian building, most expensive administrative building and the heaviest building. The Palace measures 270 m by 240 m, 86 m high, and 92 m underground. It has 1,100 rooms, 2 underground parking garages and is 12 stories tall, with four underground levels currently available for the general public … Continue reading “Casa Poporului. The Ceausescu’s Dream”