One Day in Sintra


I love big cities, but it’s a rather complex relationship. I need my alone time, too. Sorry, hustle and bustle, we aren’t meant to stay together for too long. Every city break I go on ends up with me on a getaway to the nearest pretty village. Or a castle. Or a pretty village with … Continue reading “One Day in Sintra”

Porto Through My Eyes

Old Porto

I wasn’t sure if Porto would be my thing. I even wanted to skip it for a moment. Oh my, I’m so glad I didn’t. While I liked Lisbon, it didn’t instantly win me over. It lacked something that I was happy to find in Porto. Liveliness, spirit, strength, authenticity. While Lisbon is an elegant … Continue reading “Porto Through My Eyes”

Go where the wind blows

Cabo da Roca

If you are in Lisbon, make sure you get to Cabo da Roca. It’s only rocks, you might say. But they are magnificent rocks that happened to occupy a truly mind-blowing spot. Mind-blowing? Yeah, wind is gonna blow in your face so hard that both your mind and your camera might get slightly confused. I … Continue reading “Go where the wind blows”

Picture Perfection Defined: One Day in Óbidos


I love visiting small cities, where time stood still before I was even born. I like freedom they give. Freedom of wandering without a to-do list or must-sees. Something that happens only in places where you need no map. Tiny cities are local paradises for slow travelers, or at least this is how I see … Continue reading “Picture Perfection Defined: One Day in Óbidos”

A Tale of Tiles


Azulejo is one of the symbols of Portugal. An azulejo is a tin-glazed ceramic tilework and it’s cute. While in Portugal, you will see them just about everywhere. I loved spotting them on the exterior of various buildings. A façade decorated with tiles, that’s always classy. Portuguese people seem to think the same. You will … Continue reading “A Tale of Tiles”

Where to Stay in Porto: Porto Alive Hostel

Porto Alive Hostel

Porto seems to have gazillion hostels, even more than Lisbon. You have so much to choose from that your head hurts. That’s why I decided to leave you a piece of advice. I spent three amazing days wandering aimlessly around the city, getting lost and found while photographing Porto’s facades, narrow streets, and funky street … Continue reading “Where to Stay in Porto: Porto Alive Hostel”

Your home in Lisbon: Jardim de Santos Hostel

Jardim de Santos

Lisbon definitely has a vibrant hostel scene. Better for us – the hostels have to compete hard to catch our eye. They have to play it better than everyone else. After a brief research, I decided I should give Jardim de Santos Hostel a shot. I spent four nights there and never looked back. Since the … Continue reading “Your home in Lisbon: Jardim de Santos Hostel”