Gems of Eastern Poland: the Holy Mount of Grabarka

Podlasie, Poland

Grabarka is a tiny village close to Siemiatycze, Poland. Well, you probably haven’t heard of Siemiatycze either. They aren’t too touristy, but there certainly are numerous reasons why you should memorize these names. Firstly, because Podlasie region is the best place to discover diversity in Polish history, culture, and society; Secondly, because Grabarka is home … Continue reading “Gems of Eastern Poland: the Holy Mount of Grabarka”

The One Where I Combat the Winter


End of the year sounds like perfect time for confessions. Let me, too, say something painfully honest. I hate winter. I hate it endlessly and I strongly believe that snowflakes look pretty only if you watch them through glass, safely seated indoors. Winter wonderlands are lands I appreciate the most in pictures, preferably the ones … Continue reading “The One Where I Combat the Winter”

Fairy Lights of Warsaw


I’ve never spent Christmas abroad. I’ve never even thought of it. I’m the last to be called traditional but for some mysterious reasons I’ve always felt like coming back for holidays. I don’t know why. The last time I felt really Christmassy was when I was five years old. I don’t really enjoy long days … Continue reading “Fairy Lights of Warsaw”