21 pictures to end 2017 (and tell it to finally go away)

I wish I could say 2017 was a good year. The thing is it really wasn’t, and I won’t lie about it. It was an important one though, that’s for sure.   Long story short I went through a lot of difficult personal issues, I worked 12 hours a day in the first half of … Continue reading “21 pictures to end 2017 (and tell it to finally go away)”

Two Years in Armenia


Two years ago yesterday I arrived to Yerevan after a red-eye flight to Tbilisi, and a bumpy marshrutka ride. The marshrutka, a minibus, had a cracked front glass, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I almost cried when I crossed the border. I had two suitcases and a plan to live in the … Continue reading “Two Years in Armenia”

Farewell to 2014

Dilijan, Armenia

When I sat down to put together a photo essay on 2014 travel highlights I noticed that many of the shots I chose were black and whites. The year itself was rather black and white, too. Full of unexpected turns, life lessons and bumpy roads. Unexpected turns and bumpy roads are still beautiful and I … Continue reading “Farewell to 2014”

It’s been two years…

…since I clicked “publish” for the first time. The Picktures is two years old today. Here is a little cocktail of my favorite pictures and magic moments from the past year. Take a look to celebrate my blogiversary with me! So, a  little cocktail and a big thank you to all my readers for being … Continue reading “It’s been two years…”

Thoughts on blogging in your second language


Most of the time I think in Polish. Sometimes I think in English. Sometimes I think in an incomprehensible mix of both. Sometimes I think in Czech. Sometimes a Russian word emerges in the middle of my thought. Found in Amsterdam, the Netherlands When I started this blog two years ago this week I couldn’t … Continue reading “Thoughts on blogging in your second language”

A girl in love with a city


I’m in love with many cities, including the ones I haven’t visited yet. I fall for cities more often than I do for guys. My maps, especially my map of Europe, are full of soft spots. That said, I’m never in doubt when asked what is my favorite city in the world. I might not … Continue reading “A girl in love with a city”

Home is a feeling? On the concept of home.


– So, you are not from here, aren’t you? When do you return home? – In one hour when I’m done with my drink. – But when do you plan to go back to your real home? – In one hour when I’m done with my drink. This is the conversation I have every single … Continue reading “Home is a feeling? On the concept of home.”

Mom & Daughter Trip to Georgian Mountains


If you follow this blog, you probably know that I currently live in Yerevan and I’m loving it. I tend to talk about how fantastic Armenia is for most of the time but, of course, living here has dark sides too. One of them is how expensive traveling gets, when you live in a landlocked … Continue reading “Mom & Daughter Trip to Georgian Mountains”