Visiting a Sand Castle


I feel like every travel blogger has already published a Game of Thrones themed post this year. I’m not always joining these trends. I don’t care about the Top Y Things to do in a Destination X posts. I never read any posts about travel gear other bloggers use. I’m allergic to articles on travel … Continue reading “Visiting a Sand Castle”

Palaces of Marrakech


  Well, I won’t discover anything if I say that Marrakech is rather hectic. Or that it attacks all your senses with its saturated colors and not always pleasant smells. This story has been told million times, I know.         Incomprehensible maze of Moroccan cities would wear every traveler out, sooner or … Continue reading “Palaces of Marrakech”

Ourika Valley in Pictures

Ourika Valley

Morocco has everything. The coast, the mountains, the desert, the treasures of architecture, and even an untold promise of perfect weather. What else would you ask for? Morocco is stunning and it seems to be well aware of its beauty. It flirts with travelers a lot. Sometimes it seduces them effortlessly, sometimes they play hide … Continue reading “Ourika Valley in Pictures”

Fes the Bittersweet


Fes was bittersweet. You know, it just didn’t click. It wasn’t the city, it was me…I could go like this for hours. Long story short, I hated that place with all my heart. I feel uneasy writing about it. I’m this kind of traveler who usually grows to like every place s/he visits. Sure, not … Continue reading “Fes the Bittersweet”

Safe in the Harbor. One Day in Essaouira, Morocco.


There is something enchanting about harbors. I love their vibrant nature, their promise of an adventure, their untold stories. I’ve lived in a landlocked country for almost two years and I was about to forget the melody of sea’s tempting whisper. Then I flew to Morocco and headed to Essaouira. It was the very last … Continue reading “Safe in the Harbor. One Day in Essaouira, Morocco.”

Out of the Blue: Chefchaouen in Photos


You hop off the bus. You look up the hill where the Old Town is supposed to be and everything is blue. You cab it up to the medina, get off the car and walk into blueness. Everything you see is painted blue. A blue city under blue skies. Is it heaven on earth? Well, … Continue reading “Out of the Blue: Chefchaouen in Photos”

The Shades of Sand. One Day in the Sahara Desert in Photos.

Sahara Desert

Morocco is a photogenic country, a place of colors, an assault to all senses. That said, you can imagine how many pictures I took last week. Yeah, many. I took hundreds of photos in Marrakech and Ait Ben Haddou. I’ve photographed the Ourika Valley and Ouarzazate. The amount of images captured during our day in … Continue reading “The Shades of Sand. One Day in the Sahara Desert in Photos.”