Yazd – the Prettiest Mud City

I knew Yazd will be my absolute Iranian favorite before I even got to the country. It’s pretty simple, I just have a thing for mud cities in the desert. Nothing could go wrong here, especially with Yazd’s hippie, laid-back vibe, so different from other Iranian cities.       I love Yazd for its … Continue reading “Yazd – the Prettiest Mud City”

Once upon a time in a cave village in Iran


Kandovan was my last stop in Iran before hopping on a bus to Armenia aka home, back to speedy internet connection, deadlines, technical translations, and coffee (if you like your caffeine, you better think of self-catering before you step on Iranian soil. Consider yourself warned). I planned to go there from Tabriz, thinking of it … Continue reading “Once upon a time in a cave village in Iran”

Searching for Ancient Persia


I’m not sure where to start. The whole month of April passed without a single post on this blog. I went few weeks without even posting regular updates on The Picktures social media accounts. Not my style at all. And never a good sign. Nothing has happened, really. I was mostly translating and trying to … Continue reading “Searching for Ancient Persia”