One Day in Szentendre in Pictures


I’m not the biggest fan of Budapest, and when I happened to be there on an exceptionally hot Saturday, my desire to leave the city as soon as possible has won over my internal urban explorer. I had a few day trip ideas, but I just went for the easiest one after all. In my … Continue reading “One Day in Szentendre in Pictures”

Strolling the Danube Promenade

Budapest, Hungary

I have been a little MIA lately. It’s been over a month on The Picktures without a proper post. Not my usual style, trust me. Where was I? I was in Poland spending time with my family and introducing the country to my partner who finally visited for the first time. I was in Prague … Continue reading “Strolling the Danube Promenade”

Travel Flashback #8


They say that a well-traveled person can never be in only one place. It’s so true. Our hearts always wander. They always long for distant lands we fell for. Mine is not an exception. That’s why every Friday from now on I will be posting one picture of a place that has been on my … Continue reading “Travel Flashback #8”

Faces of the Danube


Vienna Vienna Vienna Bratislava Bratislava Budapest Budapest Smederevo Smederevo Belgrade one river, four countries

Whose are the shoes on the bank of the Danube?


The Shoes on the Danube Promenade is a Holocaust Memorial in Budapest. It honors the Jews who were killed by Nazis during World War II. The victims were ordered to take off their shoes before being shot at the edge of the promende so that their bodies fell down into water and were carried away by the … Continue reading “Whose are the shoes on the bank of the Danube?”