Memorials of Modern Berlin


This is a post honoring the Holocaust Remembrance Week. This year I feature memorials of modern Berlin. In the archives you can find images from Budapest and Paris. I can’t explain why my feet always lead me to genocide memorials. But they just do. The thought of a genocide, of any genocide, have always scared … Continue reading “Memorials of Modern Berlin”

Expat Wednesdays with Ali’s Adventures


Expats. Travelers who settled down for a tiny bit? Wanderers who found their place on Earth? Seekers who reached a place where they intended to be? Who are they? Would you like to meet them? Hint: say yes! The Picktures proudly presents you the guest post series: Expat Wednesdays! Today, I would love to introduce … Continue reading “Expat Wednesdays with Ali’s Adventures”

Berlin Goes Artsy


Berlin Street Art Collection // June 2013

Berlin: all I see is you

Meet Berlin TV Tower. Situated in the city center, close to Alexanderplatz, it was constructed in the 60s by the administration of German Democratic Republic (read Eastern Germany). They  inteded it  to be a symbol of city, which means you can see it from anywhere. Usually it totally doesn’t fit. I’d even tell you more. … Continue reading “Berlin: all I see is you”

The Wall


  East Side Gallery in Berlin // June 2012