Quirks of Batumi


If you asked me to describe Batumi, the most famous city at the Georgian coast, I’d say it’s odd. I’m not sure if I like it. I don’t hate it. It makes me take photos like there is no tomorrow. What a weird city it is. It’s been over three years since my first visit … Continue reading “Quirks of Batumi”

The Batumi Green Cape

Batumi, Georgia

So, you are in Batumi and beach bumming bores you? Here is a perfect day trip idea. Discover natural beauty of a very unique place just around the corner. Go to the Batumi Botanical Garden.         It is located a bit outside of town, in a place called The Green Cape on … Continue reading “The Batumi Green Cape”

Borjomi, Kukushka and 1001 Raindrops


Borjomi is famous of its water. I didn’t expect getting completely soaked though. Back in May I went for a training to Bakuriani, a popular Georgian skiing resort. Well, May obviously isn’t a high peak season for winter sports but I was hoping I could do a bit of hiking and just spend some nice, … Continue reading “Borjomi, Kukushka and 1001 Raindrops”

This could be anywhere. One day in Signagi.


Signagi is a town in Kakheti, Georgia. It could be a town somewhere else though. Or at least this was my impression when I arrived there in unbearable heat of a Caucasian summer day. What I saw was a peaceful town with population a little over 2 thousand people, famous for wine and carpet production, … Continue reading “This could be anywhere. One day in Signagi.”

Photowalk through David Gareja Monastery Complex


I haven’t heard much about David Gareja monastery complex before my spring trip to Georgia this May. Of course, I’ve heard the name but I wasn’t really considering going there. To be honest, I was mostly planning to indulge in the bars of the capital. Don’t judge me. One needs it sometimes, particularly when one … Continue reading “Photowalk through David Gareja Monastery Complex”

The one in which I explore Uplistsikhe


Uplistsikhe is a magical place. Everything there makes my heart swoon. Literally everything, starting from the name which, to be honest, I can’t even pronounce without bringing Georgians to tears. The name, by the way, means Lord’s Fortress. The power is in the air. Welcome to the ancient cave city curved in the rocks on … Continue reading “The one in which I explore Uplistsikhe”

Mom & Daughter Trip to Georgian Mountains


If you follow this blog, you probably know that I currently live in Yerevan and I’m loving it. I tend to talk about how fantastic Armenia is for most of the time but, of course, living here has dark sides too. One of them is how expensive traveling gets, when you live in a landlocked … Continue reading “Mom & Daughter Trip to Georgian Mountains”

Tbilisi in Black&White


I’m always happy to revisit Georgian capital. I spent 3 lazy days there last week. This time I saw the city in black&white. How do you like it?