Travel Flashback #29

Iconic Paris

They say that a well-traveled person can never be in only one place. It’s so true. Our hearts always wander. They always long for distant lands we fell for. Mine is not an exception. That’s why every week from now on I will be posting one picture of a place that has been on my … Continue reading “Travel Flashback #29”

Take Me Back – My 5 Top European Cities to Revisit


I love revisiting places as much as I adore seeing them for the very first time. A second look at a place very often reveals something we completely missed during our first stay. The comfort of already knowing how to navigate a city or a region is also a huge advantage. Especially if you are … Continue reading “Take Me Back – My 5 Top European Cities to Revisit”

Paris The Classy


City of Lights in black&white? Something to die for.

Great Mosque of Paris


the biggest mosque in France

Wall of Names


The “Wall of Names” memorial is located at the entrance to the Shoah Museum in Le Marais district of Paris. A stone wall engraved with the names honors 76,000 Jews who were deported from France to Nazi concentration camps during World War II. This is the second best monument to Holocaust vicitims I have ever seen … Continue reading “Wall of Names”

Multicultural Paris


Hard to believe but all the pictures were taken in one European city. In Paris everything is possible. Simply. Everything.