even walls have ears


National Monument of Interception // Lipnice nad Sázavou, Czech Republic // Radomir Dvořák “In the beginning was the Word. Actually not. In the beginning was an Ear for which That Word was uttered, or, on the contrary, an altogether different Ear for which that Word was not intended. But seriously now. In the beginning was … Continue reading “even walls have ears”

Big America

Czech Republic

  Guess where a place called Big America might be located. No, it’s not in the United States, that would be too easy. Big America (Velká Amerika) is an abandoned limestone quarry in Central Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. Go there if you ever have an opportunity, it’s a true gem.

Nature in the City


Divoká Šárka. Believe me or not, this place is located cca 20 minutes from Prague city center.

Meet Moravian Folks


Jízda králů / Vlčnov / Czech Republic

Prague never lets you go


…this dear little mother has sharp claws/F.K.