One bobsleigh track that has been through a lot


Sarajevo’s bobsleigh track has seen a lot, that’s for sure. It is also pretty clear that a long time has passed since a bobsled ran down its graffiti covered walls. The track was built for Winter Olympic Games that took place in Sarajevo in 1984. Today it remains a strange monument to Bosnian capital’s past. … Continue reading “One bobsleigh track that has been through a lot”

Sarajevo Photo Tour + Giveaway

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo was on my list for years. I’ve studied Slavic Studies when I was young, naïve, and fond of multicultural communities. I started experimenting with European solo travel back then. The Bosnian capital was always on my radar, but I never ended up going. I just couldn’t find a good deal. I saved it for … Continue reading “Sarajevo Photo Tour + Giveaway”

The Beauty of Blagaj in 11 Pictures

the Dervish House

I’ve always thought of myself as a city girl. An urban animal which lives in the capitals and goes on city breaks. Then it changed. I’m not sure why, how, or when. At some point I started enjoying my countryside time. I know, it’s as simple as it gets. Somewhat unconsciously, I started researching rural … Continue reading “The Beauty of Blagaj in 11 Pictures”

The Prettiest Travel Spot in Herzegovina


Herzegovina is a visual addict paradise. You might be surprised, but I believe that BiH is one of the most photogenic countries I’ve ever been to. Some people will only see war scars in Sarajevo. Others will focus on an unfavorable economical situation all over the country. While you shouldn’t ignore these issues, the beauty … Continue reading “The Prettiest Travel Spot in Herzegovina”

Hostel BALKAN HAN Sarajevo – the most colorful hostel in the Balkans

My stay in Bosnia started in Sarajevo. I planned to spend 4 nights in the Bosnian capital. It took me few hours to know that it won’t be enough, so I returned to the city for two extra days after exploring Herzegovina. It felt good to be there again. It felt even better after I … Continue reading “Hostel BALKAN HAN Sarajevo – the most colorful hostel in the Balkans”

The Doctor’s House Hostel – Your Home in Sarajevo


There is something I need to confess. I’m an introvert, who loves hostels. I realize this might be slightly hard to imagine, especially in the Balkans, where most of the backpacker friendly places to stay are party hostels. But this is the way I am, and I know that there are more of us, these … Continue reading “The Doctor’s House Hostel – Your Home in Sarajevo”