Ayutthaya in Photos

Ayutthaya doesn’t need no introduction. There have been so many blogs written on Thailand, I don’t feel like there is anything new or bright I could add. But pictures are a different story, so I will still post them.

My blogging is all about images anyway. Sight is my special sense and I guess it has to be the same for most of the audience of my corner of the internet.

Ayutthaya, or Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, makes a perfect day trip away from hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Remember it, just in case you will get bored of rooftop bars and shopping malls.

Well, I’m kidding, I know Bangkok offers endless activities. But it is always refreshing to get out. And there is more to it than just air quality. It used to be Siam capital and the most important Asian trade center after all

Today only a few temples and palaces remain and remind us of an once majestic city. For me, a newbie to SE Asia, they were still impressive.

So, let’ take a tour.

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