Colors of Cyprus

Colors of Cyprus

  It’s almost November, the cruelest month. And I’m somewhere in the middle of an unbelievably long translation marathon. Long story short, I don’t really have any capacity to create any unique and share-worthy content here.       But since it’s almost November (and you know what I think of November), I’m leaving you … Continue reading “Colors of Cyprus”

Kyiv, 10 Years Later

Kyiv, Ukraine

  Kyiv was where all of it started. Back in 2007, a 19-year old me hopped on a sleeper train from Warsaw to Kyiv to take part in a workcamp in a nearby town of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. To be honest, I was a bit scared, because I thought I was going to the wild wild East. … Continue reading “Kyiv, 10 Years Later”

We need to talk about Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

I’ve first heard of Chernivtsi because of Paul Celan, so I’ve always imagined it as a city of poetry and diversity. I wanted to go there really badly since I’ve seen a few pictures of it. I’m notorious of unconditional love towards Austro-Hungarian cities, so I bet no one is surprised.     I’m not … Continue reading “We need to talk about Chernivtsi”

Chernihiv – A Lovely Day Trip from Kyiv in Pictures

I was lucky to spend two absolutely blissful weeks in Ukraine this June. I returned to Kyiv after ten years and it was a beautiful reunion. We’ve reconnected immediately. But after a few days I was itchy to go on a day trip, preferably to a place I haven’t heard of before. I was considering … Continue reading “Chernihiv – A Lovely Day Trip from Kyiv in Pictures”

Our Lady of Lebanon and a Very Special Sunset

Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa

If you live somewhere in the West, you’ve probably only heard bad things about Lebanon. You’ve heard it’s dangerous, full of Muslim extremists waiting to kidnap you, that it’s way too radical, and that an European solo female traveler should never ever go there, because there is no reason to anyway. If you live somewhere … Continue reading “Our Lady of Lebanon and a Very Special Sunset”

Postcards from Julian Alps

I only have one regret about my trip to Slovenia. I should have packed my hiking boots and spent more time in the mountains. I only had two days to spend wandering around Bled and Bohinj Lakes, discovering Vintgar Gorge and enjoying the views from Vogel. Honestly I could have spent the entire week just … Continue reading “Postcards from Julian Alps”

Only Real Photographers Will Understand These Issues

Picture Source Photography is an interesting hobby, and it’s certainly a joy when you get that perfect shot. But that doesn’t mean photography isn’t without a few challenges and little intricacies that only photographers will understand. Particularly, those who love taking their cameras on holiday to get all those incredible shots abroad.   Darn, Left … Continue reading “Only Real Photographers Will Understand These Issues”

Sunshine and Culture and Solo Travel in Blissful Goa

Image by Ian D. Keating, used under Creative Commons license 2.0 India’s popularity as a solo holiday destination has been steadily growing over the years, and one of its main hotspots is Goa, a state out on India’s western coast. This former Portuguese colony has lots to offer the solo traveler, thanks to its long … Continue reading “Sunshine and Culture and Solo Travel in Blissful Goa”