4 Amazing Photography Locations In Brussels

They say that a well-travelled person is always looking for new places to see and explore – it’s so true. We are always on the lookout for somewhere new and exciting to visit.
For us photography lovers, one of the most important things about choosing our next travel destination, is beauty. There are so many stunning locations to visit that it can be a little difficult to pick just one to head off to.

If you are wondering where to go next, I can highly recommend taking a trip to Brussels in Belgium. If you have already visited Brussels, then you will know just how beautiful the city is, perfect for using as the backdrop for lots of glorious photography sessions.

What I can tell you about Brussels is that while there are many places you can take photographs, some of the best are hidden away.

Here’s my guide to the top six photography locations in Brussels:

1. Grote Markt

Brussels, Belgium
Grote Markt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the main attractions of the city. Grote Markt is truly stunning – think cobbled walkways, elegant guild houses and beautiful flower markets.

To capture the best images of Grote Markt, visit at sunset and capture images of this stunning place, as it glows red from the setting sun. To get an overhead shot of this unique area, book a hotel from Venere that overlooks Grote Markt.

2. Hotel de Ville

While you are at Grote Markt, don’t forget to check out the beautifully Gothic Hotel de Ville. This stunning piece of architecture has arched windows, medieval-looking towers and unique sculptures. All of which, are ideal for photographing.

If heights don’t bother you, you can also walk up inside the 96 metre high tower of the Hotel de Ville. Although the climb is rather tiring, once you arrive at the top, the amazing birds-eye view of the city that you have, will make you forget all about that.

3. The Atomium

Brussels, Belgium

Located in Heysel Park in the west of Brussels, the Atomium is a glimmering, 335 foot tall structure of an atom. It may not sound like an ideal image for a photograph, but it’s height and design, make it an ideal object for a photography session.

4. Basilica of the Sacred Heart


Brussel’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one of the world’s most iconic art deco churches. This beautiful domed structure is 89 metres high and a massive 167 metres long and watches over the famous Parc Elisabeth.

The brown brickwork and eye-catching green roof of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, make it an ideal photo focus. Especially, with all the luscious park greenery wrapped around it.

These are just four of Brussel’s picture perfect sites, there are also many more, I’m sure. As well as heading to these locations, to get the best photographs, take the time to explore other, less known areas. That’s where I get some of my best photographs from when travelling.

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