21 pictures to end 2017 (and tell it to finally go away)

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I wish I could say 2017 was a good year. The thing is it really wasn’t, and I won’t lie about it. It was an important one though, that’s for sure.


January in Munich

Long story short I went through a lot of difficult personal issues, I worked 12 hours a day in the first half of the year, and then the G20 summit made my summer a chaotic nightmare.


A coastal walk in Sunderland, England, March 2017


Bridges in Newcastle, England, March 2017


Exploring Durham, England, March 2017

In the meantime I realized I can’t live in Armenia anymore. Sorting that out also took a lot of time, effort, and wine glasses. Good news: it’s (kinda) sorted. I’m not still not sure about visa requirements for guinea pigs, but everything looks (semi)planned and (entirely) possible. More on that later.


Catching balance in Prague, April 2017

After a long, exhausting winter and the summer of insomnia, the best fall had come. I was given a beautiful opportunity to spend 3 fulfilling months on a literary residency in Prague (thank you, Visegrad Fund, you might have easily saved my sanity).


Rediscovering Czech Republic, September 2017

During my time in Prague I fully realized two things, once and for all: I want to live there. Now. I want to write and translate poetry. It’s way more important than travel or than my desperate attempts of creating a home base in the Caucasus that I would love.


Prague once again, this time in October

A few days after the New Year I will be going to Prague again to look for a house for us to start over in a different place. I would say “back home”, except I never lived there longer than like half a year at a time. But the feeling is there, somewhere. It’s been around for a while, and I just can’t ignore it anymore.


Street Art in Hamburg, Germany, August 2017

But wait, this post was supposed to sum up the 2017, not to reveal too much of my personal plans. I haven’t really traveled that much in the past year, but I managed to do some trips I really enjoyed, I visited some new places and had some happy returns. I wish I could explore more, but I’m rather content with what the year brought me-travel wise.


Omodos, Cyprus, April 2017


Paphos, Cyprus

I finally returned to Kyiv (after a decade!) and visited the pretty town of Chernivtsi. I went to England and Montenegro for the first time. I explored some Bohemian tiny towns I always had soft spot for. I enjoyed sunny Cyprus after a long winter. I revisited Italy for the first time since high school and ate pretty much all the food they had in Lombardy. I went on numerous short trips in Armenia.  Travel was a true relief this year, and I’m truly grateful for the trips I could take.


Cieszyn, Poland (during a great Polish Travel Bloggers MeetUp)

Other than my whining, this post is about to bring you a collection of the most beautiful (or perhaps the most photogenic) moments of the year. I hope you will enjoy them!


One bonus – people say travel boggers should publish pics of their faces, so here it is. Hiking mode on, of course.
Perast, Montenegro, October 2017
Kotor Bay, Montenegro. Probably the most beautiful place I’ve seen this year.
Kamyanets-Podilsky, Ukraine, June 2017
A happy return to Kyiv, June 2017
Rediscovering Armenia – Tsakhats Kar Monastery, May 2017
Rediscovering Armenia, Noratus Cemetery, summer 2017
A happy return to Italy, Cremona, May 2017
A happy return to Italy – Milan, May 2017
Yerevan Armenia, on the very day when this website went self-hosted, April 2017


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