2016 in 16 pic(k)tures

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2016 was a rough year. Not because my favorite celebrities proved mortal or something. It’s way deeper than that.

Starting 2016 in Warsaw, Poland

These are not the best times for people who want to destroy walls rather than build them. And there’s not much we can do about it. So, how about we stay committed to what we love?

A nice view of Ararat never killed nobody. Dvin, Armenia.

I didn’t travel as much as I wanted to, mostly trying to figure my life out professionally. Luckily, I can say that I ended the year more financially stable and less exhausted that I kicked it off. So, maybe all these working sunrises paid off after all.

Charming Izola, Slovenia. I loved the tiny coast.
Budapest, Hungary. I visited it 3 times in 2016.

I didn’t wander as much as I craved to, but I did travel to a few places including some new favorites. I also had many happy returns. I spent more time in Poland than in previous years.

I had a chance to enjoy my beloved Prague for a few weeks. I haven’t taken a single photo in the Czech capital. I guess this tells a lot about my days there. I was buying beers and books instead, because priorities.

Smbataberd Fortress, Armenia
Serene Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

I visited 10 countries, 3 of them new: Iran in April, Slovenia in June and Macedonia in September. Slovenia has instantly become one of my favorite countries in Europe. In Macedonia I fell for Prilep, a sleepy town I never heard of before. Iran was a little bittersweet, but I’m extremely glad I finally visited it. And I truly loved Yazd. And the way people there treat female travels. And the cardamom cookies. The list goes on.

I have a thing for mud cities. Yazd, Iran.
Havuts Tar Monastery, Armenia

Another thing that makes me happy is that I got to explore a lot of tiny corners of Armenia. This little country will never cease to amaze me. I mean, do they have ancient stuff in every backyard? I guess so. It’s right behind the concrete.


Stone Symphony, Armenia

My relationship with the country has evolved a lot last year. I had days when I wanted to leave it with the first plane to Europe and never ever come back. I had days when I didn’t even have enough energy to deal with groceries. I had days when I was beyond amazed with the beauty around me. It’s been a hectic ride. And not only because of the place.

Tbilisi By Night. I visited it many, many times, always in transit.

My personal life was a bit of a rollercoaster in 2016 for reasons I will never talk about on this blog, but what I can say is that I’ve got it back together a few months ago. I’m starting the new year on a brighter side, that’s for sure.

Belogradchik, Bulgaria. One of the biggest travel surprises of 2016.
Julian Alps in Slovenia. Nothing beats a good mountain range.

I’m still a translator, still on a mission to work on literature rather than manuals (think of me every single time you use a manual). I’m still living in Armenia, but there is a plan to move a little west sometime in the future. I already planned some trips for 2017.

Pure beauty in Esfahan, Iran

Follow me and see how the year unfolds. I promise to be a better blogger than last year and I mean it.

Bye-bye, 2016. Let me exhale.

I’ve heard many people dislike Bratislava. I’m not one of them.
Prilep, my favorite place in Macedonia

I chose 16 pictures to celebrate old and new. Which one is your favorite?

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